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BlogComputeNew in Marketplace: MainConcept Transcoder & Live Streaming Software Apps

New in Marketplace: MainConcept Transcoder & Live Streaming Software Apps

Deploy MainConcept Transcoders & More with Marketplace from Akamai Connected Cloud.

Our new collection of Marketplace apps makes it easier than ever to build, optimize, and scale media and streaming applications with Akamai cloud computing services. We partnered with MainConcept to create a variety of quick-deploy applications to power content preparation and streaming workloads, including an all-in-one app to incorporate media streaming in an existing application.

For those looking to grow in the market of video streaming applications and the providers that support them, a number of tools are required to transcode file types specific to broadcasting formats, encode the files, and transmit to the end user. MainConcept is a leading provider and pioneer of streaming and broadcast technology. Their transcoder application converts mezzanine video from any popular format into a standardized camera format to unify media captured from a variety of sources before adding to an editing software. This improves the stability and quality of the entire media chain.

An application copies a media file to Akamai S3 compatible object storage and will send a transcoding job to the trancoder via REST API call. The transcoder will then pull the media, transcode it, and make it available to the application directly in the destination/storage location. The application can pull the transcoded media and pass it down for editing, playout, or other media processing.

Transcoder Apps

Deploy optimized Docker containers with MainConcept Pro Camera Transcoders for Sony and Panasonic via Marketplace: P2 AVC-ULTRA, XDCAM, and XAVC.

FFmpeg Plugins App

FFmpeg is an open source project containing a series of libraries for codecs, streaming protocols, and decompressors. The MainConcept FFmpeg Marketplace app deploys a set of command line tools to create decoding, encoding, and transcoding workflows. MainConcept’s full library of FFmpeg plugins, including HEVC, AVC, VVC, MPEG2 production format and other encoders and decoders, are included in the Marketplace app.

All-In-One Livestreaming Software with Live EncoderMainConcept Live Encoder is an easy-to-use application for encoding media in up to 8K resolution using AVC, HEVC, VVC and LCEVC for broadcast and OTT delivery. You can either directly push your live streams into Akamai’s Media Services Live 4 Live Origin service via PUSH or let Akamai PULL your live streams in a very effective way when combined with Akamai’s origin shielding product known as Cloud Wrapper.

After adding your input and output, you can control settings like contrast and logo placement, in addition to customizing alerts for your compute instance to ensure performance.

Use Live Encoder to deliver media from a range of input options via Secure Reliable Transport (SRT), an open source video transport protocol.

Please note: Since these apps deploy software for proprietary applications, a license is required. The MainConcept Marketplace apps automatically deploy a demo version designed for research, testing, and/or proof of concept. To upgrade your version, contact MainConcept.
Learn more about media and streaming solutions supported by Akamai cloud computing services, or contact one of our cloud experts for a custom consultation.


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