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Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx)

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx). This LTS version is slated to receive security updates until April 2015. As with all our distributions, you may deploy either the 32-bit (recommended for most uses) or 64-bit version.

If upgrading from a prior version of Ubuntu, you need to make sure you’re running the “Latest Paravirt” kernel ( or You’ll also need to edit your /etc/fstab file and add the following line:

    dev  /dev  devtmpfs  rw  0  0

We’ve also been hard at work updating our Linode Library documentation to support Ubuntu 10.04, and will frequently release new VPS guides for this version. There’s also a Lucid upgrade article which explains the full upgrade process.

Comments (18)

  1. Mirko

    Wow, that was quick. You guys rock!

  2. Chris

    Nice work dudes (and dudettes I suppose)… slicehost is still lagging behind and hasn’t said anything about the new LTS being available. Their people in the Chat room don’t know either (well not the ones that I chatted with anyways).

  3. mookie

    whoa. that was really fast. good work guys!

  4. Rowan

    Nice! I’ll be knocking up a node to play with later today.
    @Chris I’d bet my money on at least another week for slicehost to catch up ever since they were bought out by rackspace it’s been a downhill spiral. Thats what I love about linode, not too many fingers in the pie!

  5. Maverick

    That was quick. Keep up the good work.

  6. Geoff Green

    What the heck took you guys so long?

    (Obviously I’m kidding. Thanks guys.)

  7. […] has just released their latest LTS, 10.4 “Lucid Lynx” today, and immediately Linode made it as an available distribution for deployment. Definitely kudos to team Linode there. I have actually been holding onto creating a […]

  8. Chris

    It looks like Slicehost didn’t take that long after all. They now have images available for 10.04 as well. I felt I should update my posting here so that they are not being falsely represented. I guess they were just playing coy with me or something!

    I do prefer Linode and I’m really hoping they take their Backup service out of beta so I can convince my boss to switch all of our VPS’s to Linode. There are so many other great features but the snapshot backup service is the real deal-breaker for us.

  9. Ethan Cane

    Excellent news folks!

    Well done for getting this up so soon after release.

    Many thanks.

  10. Arthur

    Can you please clarify if this announcement is about the regular Ubuntu release or the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server Edition? Or both?

  11. Arthur

    Correction – I meant “regular desktop Ubuntu release”.

    Actually looking around in the docs it’s not clear anywhere that linode even supports desktop editions (like AWS)….

  12. Michael

    Good to see BOTH locations supporting their customers. Even though I am a Linode customer, they do a good job as well.

    Just wanted to point that out. I look forward to deploying the latest Ubuntu on my linode.

  13. steve

    Awesome, thank you for that.

    Upgrading a few systems to 10.04 now

  14. Dilton

    Nice work guys! Linode and Ubuntu rocks! Hey, what if Linode and Canonical merged? 🙂

    On the Desktop query, I installed the packages needed for running a desktop, I rarely do but it’s handy once in a while.

  15. cviniciusm

    Thanks again Linode!

    Thanks to Phil Paradis’ “How to Upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid)”.

    The new system is working fine.

  16. charles

    There’s some drupal issues with PHP 5.3 as available in Lucid, it’s subtle and annoying.

    A fix

  17. Sergey Shepelev

    Why 32-bit is recommended?

  18. Daniel

    After upgrade, do I need to change the kernel version listed in my Linode profile? Or OK just to leave as ‘’?

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