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Discourse among new apps available, new multicloud infographic


A new year brings plenty of information to share with you. Our latest Marketplace release includes 11 new One-Click Apps. From popular forum app Discourse to self-hosted development tools, choose your favorite Marketplace app, select configuration options, and click deploy. And if you’re curious about playing Rust, there’s an app for that too.

How to Configure Automated Security Updates on CentOS
Keeping your system up to date with the latest packages and security updates can be a tedious task. Most users forget to do it, leaving them vulnerable to countless threats. Automate security (or another package) updates with the dnf-automatic command line utility or the Cockpit web application on CentOS.
Logging and System Monitoring
Securing your server is a continual process. Regular review of system logs and processes helps to identify security weaknesses and threats. With this guide, you’ll review common security log locations and how to monitor system processes, with the ultimate goal of giving you a better view of the workings of your server. 

How to Use Server-Side Encryption with Linode Object Storage
Server-side encryption secures data on Linode Object Storage. Using your own encryption key, Linode will encrypt your data at the object level before storing it to disk. Once encrypted, Linode will only decrypt data if that same encryption key is provided with the retrieval request, enabling you to use Linode Object Storage and confidently handle sensitive data like Terraform configurations that contain passwords and SSH keys.

If you have resources in our Sydney, Toronto, and/or Mumbai data centers, you can try out Linode’s new free Cloud Firewall service before Cloud Firewall enters GA. Open a support ticket in Cloud Manager with “Firewall Beta Access” in the ticket summary, or read the blog post for more information.
Multicloud architecture gives you the freedom to rely on different public cloud providers for specific use cases. With access to the strengths of multiple cloud providers, you can reduce latency, comply with local data regulations, address security or disaster recovery needs, diversify budget, and more. Explore more in our latest infographic.
We’ve joined up with some of your favorite review websites to feature Linode and your own experiences with our products and services. These sites provide some great insight when comparing cloud providers. Join in the conversation by sharing your experience with Linode in a review: G2 | TrustRadius | IT Central Station
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