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BlogCloud’s Future Is Not Evenly Distributed

Cloud’s Future Is Not Evenly Distributed

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Though cloud computing may have “won”, its gigantic tailwind hasn’t benefited all industries and organizations equally. In fact, as the biggest cloud providers outline their product vision for the coming year, one under appreciated business segment appears to be overlooked once again: small and medium size businesses. 

The large hyperscalers simply don’t understand SMBs, writes Kurt Marko: “Look no further than the companies AWS features on its case studies site to see its target customer,” he explains, noting that its highlighted users rake in north of $2.5 billion in yearly revenue.

Shocking stat: In most SMBs, the founder or CEO is the person responsible for managing cloud services. Interesting dichotomy: Although SMBs use #cloud more often than large enterprises, they use fewer services (primarily #PaaS and SaaS) and less automation.

Kurt Marko, Independent Tech Analyst (@krmarko)

Small companies need simplicity, not a 200-service portfolio of features. That simplicity extends beyond cloud itself to also include simpler billing and pricing structures, more managed support services and open source interoperability. 

While some platforms continue to under-serve and under-value SMBs, alternative cloud providers are stepping in with much-needed options for companies seeking more value (and love) from their cloud provider.


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