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Resize Disk Images Version 1.0.45 – Resize Disk Image (also resizes ext2/3 filesystems automagically).

Members Section –> Disk Images –> select a disk image. You can resize from there.

A few notes…

This will resize a disk image of ANY type (including RAW, swap, ext2, ext3), but it will only “expand” the filesystem if it’s labled as ext2 or ext3 in the Members section.

It will work on swaps, but you have to “swapoff -a; mkswap /dev/ubdb; swapon -a”… Or, just delete the swap image and re-make it, either way.

For filesystems other than ext2/ext3 (if it’s marked raw/unformatted and you partitioned it yourself, or it’s a weird filesystem), then you’ll have to take action to resize the filesystem or partitions within.



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