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Betas for Everyone: Now in Cloud Manager and the API

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Beta periods have been the foundation of testing and launching new products, features, and regions. Green Light, our beta program and user community, was founded in 2019 with a goal of providing early access. direct product team engagement, and valuable customer feedback. Since then, beta participation has grown to include thousands of users, becoming an integral experience that keeps the customer top-of-mind for new releases.

Now, we’ve made it even easier for customers to participate in betas with information and enrollment right in the Cloud Manager and API experiences. Pre-registration is now open for our upcoming VPC and Global Load Balancer betas, and look for more opportunities in early 2024.

Self-serve betas are another method for customers to choose how and when to get involved or be communicated with about our products. We know keeping up with newsletters and community spaces isn’t for everyone! In the next phase of the development lifecycle, we plan to make beta participation more accessible. Details including service location(s), pricing during beta, and how to submit feedback will be communicated in Cloud Manager when a beta becomes active.

Join the (Optional) Community

Green Light isn’t going anywhere, and will remain available for you to join. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to get updates on beta opportunities, or join the Akamai Developer Discussion Forum to stay up to date on the Green Light category.

If you aren’t a customer yet and are interested in betas, sign up for an account and get $100 in account credit to test our platform.


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