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Introducing Fedora 24


Today we are pleased to offer Fedora Server 24 for deployment on your Linode. The Fedora Project aims to provide the latest stable packages and approximately 13 months of support.

What’s New?

Fedora Server 24 installs lighter than previous versions due to the Fedora Project removing some packages they felt were unnecessary for their server build. The Fedora 24 ChangeSet outlines the major library and software updates like GNU Compiler Collection 6, Nodejs 5.10 and Python 3.5.

As always, you can use the stock Linux kernel we provide, or install a kernel of your choice using our kernel installation guide for KVM Linodes. For the full changelogs, see the Fedora 24 release notes.

How do I get Fedora 24?

A fresh disk image of Fedora Server 24 can be deployed directly from the Linode Manager. If you’re using an earlier version of Fedora, you can upgrade to version 24 using the DNF System Upgrade plugin. You’ll find instructions to do this and potential upgrade issues on Fedora’s Wiki.

Comments (5)

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    The DNF System Upgrade plugin uses a reboot to trigger the upgrade process, will Linodes handle that correctly?

    Previously, I’ve used the process described here, which I think is what you used to recommended over the upgrade plugin:

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    Personally, I use Direct Disk boot method, booting my VPS as if it were a VMware or Virtualbox instance.

    As for Alex Fornuto, this is proof that KVM and Linode need to emulate the reboot process natively, because whenever I reboot it takes 15 seconds or more for Lassie to wake my VM, whose startup time is 6-8 seconds.

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      If you want a faster reboot time, you can reboot from the manager, or through the API or CLI. I’ll pass along your suggestion re emulated reboots on the host.

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    Why is Linode disabling SELinux by default? Without it enabled by default it isn’t really Fedora anymore, is it?

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