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BlogLinodeAnnouncing Asia-Pacific Core Compute Region Growth with Jakarta

Announcing Asia-Pacific Core Compute Region Growth with Jakarta

Announcing Asia-Pacific Core Compute Region Growth with Jakarta!

Jakarta, our seventh core compute region in Asia-Pacific, is now available for all customers. Part of our ongoing global expansion is to bring accessible, predictably priced cloud computing plans to regions with limited access to cloud providers other than hyperscalers.

Indonesia is one of the key individual markets driving the region’s tech economy growth, with technology spend expected to top $730 billion by the end of 2023. In addition to providing more options in regions where Akamai has established demand, we’re expanding to locations that will drive growth for years to come as the most distributed cloud platform.

Jakarta Pricing

Operating in Indonesia is impacted by a number of region-specific factors including physical resources required to operate a data center, local regulations, and the cost of bandwidth peering. As a result, Jakarta prices will be higher than our existing 19 core compute regions. View the full pricing list.

Like the rest of our regions, pricing for Jakarta resources continues to be extremely competitive compared to other providers in the region. At a glance, here is how we compare for some of our popular services.

  • Akamai Dedicated compute resources start at $43.20 per month for 2 CPUs/4 GB of RAM. Hyperscalers, including AWS, are charging an average of 80% more for dedicated instances.
  • Egress overages for Akamai cloud resources in Jakarta will cost $0.015 per GB, per month. This is less than 15% of the cost of the closest egress overage charge among the hyperscalers.
  • All Akamai compute instances plans bundle local storage and egress, making it easier to select a plan to make cloud spend more predictable in a region that is prone to high and unpredictable costs.

Getting Started

Customers can deploy new compute, storage, and networking resources in Jakarta (id-cgk) using the Cloud Manager and API documentation.

In Cloud Manager, the plan pricing table will populate after you select a location from the Region dropdown.

If you’re a new customer interested in trying Akamai cloud computing services, create an account.


Due to the infrastructure landscape in Indonesia, Jakarta is optimized for serving workloads and users in Indonesia. For workloads that currently or intend to serve the wider Asia-Pacific region or will communicate sites outside of Indonesia, we recommend deploying resources in the Singapore or Sydney sites. To learn more about optimizing your application performance by location, review our the documentation here:

For guidance on larger deployments, or applications serving multiple global regions, contact our cloud solutions engineers.


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