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Network Hotplug


cloudnetworkIntroducing Network Hotplug

Now you can add, remove, or swap IPs on the fly, without the need to reboot your Linode.  Previously the network infrastructure rules that govern a Linode’s networking capabilities were only rebuilt on boot.  Now this is done automatically when you make changes, and without the need for a reboot, and will take effect within 60 seconds or so.

You will still need to adjust your running machine’s network configuration – best done via Lish.


Comments (4)

  1. AgentOfPork

    That’s HOT!

    (See what I did there?)

    Awesome guys! Thanks for another reason why Linode is tops!

  2. Stephen

    Nice improvement

  3. Niels

    AWESOME. Thanks guys!!

  4. Aaron Parecki

    Also make sure to restart your DHCP client or reconfigure your static IP address after swapping IPs!

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