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BlogComputeSee How Linode’s CPU Performance Compares to Other Providers in New Benchmark Report

See How Linode’s CPU Performance Compares to Other Providers in New Benchmark Report

CPU Performance Benchmark Report

We wanted to see how two of our popular Compute plans stacked up against the same tiers (number of CPU cores and amount of RAM) from other cloud providers and get more information on our overall CPU performance instead of just price-performance. So, we partnered with benchmarking and consulting firm Cloud Spectator to compare Linode’s latest AMD EPYC™ 7542-based instances to DigitalOcean, AWS, and other providers, all of which use Intel processors. Cloud Spectator chose to compare 1 CPU/2GB RAM Shared and 4 CPU/8 GB RAM Dedicated plans.

Here are some highlights:

  • Our Compute plans offer excellent random read and random write storage performance compared to the larger hyperscale providers.
  • Cloud Spectator rated us the best for overall Multi-Core CPU performance.
  • You receive incredible value when it comes to CPU, storage, and database performance, meaning more performance per dollar spent.

Download the free Cloud CPU Benchmarking report to get the full results of the study. (No email required.) Learn more about Linode vs. other providers on our Cloud Comparison page

Optimizing Your Linode’s Performance

Several factors go into VM performance. We offer various processors in our fleet, so you might not see the exact same CPU performance for every VM, even with identical plans. However, you can always contact Linode Support to see what processors are available for the plan and data center that’s right for you.

We recommend selecting Dedicated plans for performance-sensitive workloads. You can contact our Support team to move to a different host with a specific generation of AMD hardware, depending on the plan and data center you’re looking to use.

Here’s what The Register had to say about this report and why it’s important to consider the alternative cloud, especially when adopting a multicloud strategy.

“The report made for interesting reading, certainly when considering AMD or Intel cloud silicon. While benchmark data must always be taken with a pinch of salt, there were clear cost and performance benefits to be had by shopping around, particularly as companies tiptoe into a multi-cloud world.

And, as Microsoft’s woes last night and AWS’s recent US-EAST-1 whoopsie demonstrated, “big” does not necessarily mean “better”. ®”

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    In the report, the 1 CPU/2GB RAM Shared, is 100GB storage for Linode. But actually, it is 50GB in this plan.
    Have you tried DigitalOcean Premium Droplet?

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