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Elevate Summit Sydney 2019


At Linode, we’re incredibly passionate about helping our customers. That means more than just answering tickets or phone calls—we’re here to solve real problems for people trying to get stuff done. This is why we’re deeply involved in the greater customer support community, and for us, there’s no better community than Elevate. This November, we’ll be attending Elevate Summit for the tenth time, but for the first time overseas. This year’s summit is in Sydney, Australia, where I’ll be speaking about the Linode Support Feedback Model.

…the what, you ask? The Linode Support Feedback Model is an important and valuable part of our Customer Support services. We recognize that internal peer feedback is critical to success, so we created the Feedback Model consistent with our company values and guidelines. This model allows us to provide both positive and critical opportunistic peer-to-peer feedback. We’ve seen what a model like this can do for a highly collaborative team like ours. I’m excited to share our model so others can benefit from it—whether that means creating their own or adopting ours.

If you’re involved with or interested in customer support, and in Sydney on November 11th, consider attending Elevate. You’ll be joining myself and many incredible speakers and attendees—there’s so much to learn and talk about! If you can’t attend, feel free to reach out. I’d love to share more about our Feedback Model and how it has made our team more productive, collaborative, and engaged.


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