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BlogLinodeVacation – August 29-31

Vacation – August 29-31

I’ve been gearing up for a motorcycle trip over Labor Day weekend. A few buddies of mine and I are headed out to the NC/GA/TN border area (Deal’s Gap, Cherohala Skyway, etc). We’re leaving Friday morning the 29th, and returning sometime in the late afternoon on Sunday. Should be about 1000 miles round trip 😀

I won’t be able to check in very often during that time, so you might expect delays for non-priority requests. If I’m able to get convenient internet access you might not even notice a difference, but just in case — I wanted to let you guys know.

Thanks again, and have a great weekend!


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    I don’t know how much time I could sit in front of a computer if I had a bike. (Should be a great time to ride!)

    Have fun


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    I’m getting ready to split tomorrow morning — if there are any emergencies, please call 615-293-3169.

    I’ll be checking in frequently — I was able to get my Samsung A500, a data cable, and an old PC laptop (running Linux, of course) to use the cell phone as a modem, so I can LOG ON while in the mountains! (I’m such a geek). Laptop and Cell Phone combo really blows me away 🙂


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    [quote:6d03e46e97=”caker”]I’ve been gearing up for a motorcycle trip over Labor Day weekend.[/quote]

    How was the trip?
    Are we going to see pictures? 🙂


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    It was a great trip, even with the rain and hot weather. It was about 950 miles in total. Would have been more, but you can’t exactly kick it on wet roads.

    Here are some digis:

    Those are two buddies of mine, Aaron and Blake; I’m riding the yellow Honda SuperHawk. There are a few photos of the serious rain storm we were hiding from, complete with mini river in the parking lot. Also some nice scenic photos from the Cherohala Skyway drive.


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