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PyGotham 2019


At Linode, we’re passionate for Python! Whenever we get an opportunity to share in and celebrate all the cool things going on in the Python community, we simply can’t pass up the chance. This Friday and Saturday we’re back at it once again, cruising up to the Big Apple for PyGotham, an eclectic Python-centric conference that always promises unique and can’t-miss talks from a diverse cast of presenters.

We’ll be sending a few of our best: Nathan Melehan, from our Documentation team, and Brandon Leckemby, from our Support department. If you’re in the greater NYC area you should tag along! Swing by our booth and ask Nathan about all the cool Python tests that make our documentation tick.

We asked Nathan what he was most looking forward to from the slate of events:

The Technical Writing team at Linode is responsible for maintaining our Guides & Tutorials library as well as Linode’s API documentation. Our team uses Python in our unit testing for both projects, and we also need to read the Development team’s Python when documenting new products Linode releases. I’m excited for the talks that examine these topics, as well as some of PyGotham’s more whimsical sessions, including:

User focused API design
The API’s documentation is a primary interface for using it, and I’m hoping to pick up some tips for how to make it more approachable.

Dungeons & Dragons & Python: Epic Adventures with Prompt-Toolkit and Friends
This should be an entertaining way to learn about some useful Python packages and I’d like to integrate the speaker’s dndme project into my own campaigns.

At the show we’ll be raffling off a Clockwork GameShell, so stop by and get your ticket. We will announce the winner Saturday at 4:40PM.


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