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Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) General Availability


We’re proud to announce the general availability release of Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE), an easy and simple way to build your infrastructure using Managed Kubernetes. We designed LKE to solve the complexity inherent in existing container solutions and to further our mission to make the cloud simpler, more affordable, and accessible to everyone.

Kubernetes clusters can be deployed via Cloud Manager, API, or CLI and run on top of the full array of Linode infrastructure. Create Node Pools using any Standard, Dedicated, or High Memory plan size (and coming soon to GPU instances and bare metal).

LKE comes with a complimentary Kubernetes control plane to get your cluster up and running at no additional fee – including API, scheduler, etcd, and resource controllers. Unlike competing offerings, there is no managed service fee.

With the GA release of Linode Kubernetes Engine, you can deploy and manage modern containerized applications at scale. LKE features include:

  • A reimagined user interface for deploying and managing clusters
  • Open APIs to manage and modify your clusters
  • Kubernetes control plane including the Linode Cloud Controller Manager with automated backup and recovery
  • Automated patch version upgrades of your control plane, ensuring Kubernetes is always current
  • Integrated provisioning and management of cloud Block Storage
  • Automatic service management to provision and configure NodeBalancers
  • Integration with Kubernetes related tools, such as Rancher, Helm, and Terraform
  • Version support for Kubernetes 1.17, 1.16, and 1.15
  • Clusters currently available in our Dallas, TX; Fremont, CA; Newark, NJ; or Sydney, AU data centers

As part of our near-term roadmap, Linode Kubernetes Engine will roll out to our remaining data centers in the coming months. As always, we are relying on your feedback to help influence and inform future development and the prioritization of LKE services.

Deploy a Kubernetes Cluster on Linode Kubernetes Engine

Featured Documentation on Linode Kubernetes Engine:

Read more about the LKE release in Container Journal.


Linode Kubernetes Engine runs Certified Kubernetes, enabling workload portability to other Kubernetes platforms, and ensuring you always have access to the latest updates and features.

Comments (6)

  1. Author Photo

    Are NodeBalancers still over-priced/expensive ~2011 style nginx proxys that have a claim to fame of 10k challenge of decades ago based on the node.js era with no updates in ~10 years? Are they free as part of the k8s?

  2. Author Photo

    hi guys, any plan when tp provide LKE for Datacenter in Singapore & Tokyo? I would love to know so that we can plan our business?



    • Jessica Yoo

      Hi Mike. We’re working to bring LKE to all of our data centers. We’re hoping to have LKE in Tokyo and Singapore available within the next few months, so keep an eye on our blog for updates!

  3. Author Photo

    I would have loved to see reduced prices for Linodes provisioned through Kubernetes. This way I feel I have no need to try it out, as I only have one layer more to manage (Kubernetes), but no financial incentive out of it.

    • jdutton

      Hey Olof. This is valuable feedback, and I’ve passed it along for consideration. In the meantime, the master node for LKE instances is included at no extra cost, and we will take care of managing it for you. If you haven’t seen it already, our LKE product page has some other included features:

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