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April 2022

New research covers multicloud and alternative cloud usage by DevOps teams

Techstrong Research has published the results from a survey of more than 500 development professionals, managers, and senior managers across 20 industries which covers multicloud and alternative cloud usage by DevOps teams.  Access the report here (email required). We also published a new Infrastructure as Code ebook and continue to share our latest Developer Advocate videos on our YouTube channel.
Featured Guides
Git is a powerful tool that many developers use countless times throughout the day. To customize the experience and streamline workflows, Git offers the ability to create aliases for common commands that make repeatable actions easier and less prone to error. Check out this guide to learn how.
The Document Object Model (DOM) is a language-agnostic interface that provides access to an HTML document’s structure and content. JavaScript is often the language used to access the DOM to generate dynamic and interactive web pages. In short, understanding the DOM is critical to any frontend developer’s success. Learn more about the DOM with this guide.
Linode Managed Databases is approaching general availability on May 2, 2022. As you consider new or existing app development, it probably has a database. This blog post discusses the differences between using a managed database service versus deploying and maintaining a database cluster on your own. It might also help to review popular databases for building modern Linux applications in the cloud.
A new ebook from Justin Mitchel, founder of Coding for Entrepreneurs, takes you from foundational concepts through to step-by-step deployments for some of the most in-demand IaC tools like Terraform, Ansible, Puppet (and Puppet Bolt), Chef, and Salt (aka SaltStack). Download the ebook now or get started with our on-demand IaC video series.
The upgraded Block Storage service, built using NVMe technology, is now available in 10 of our global data centers including Dallas, TX. Deploy a volume today and experience increased performance with the same low cost of $0.10/GB per month. Read more about the technology deployed by our development team and see the results from a recent Cloud Spectator benchmark report.
Open Source
This guide explains how browsers turn code into pixels and how to work with them to make pages look smoother.
Are you looking for a web forum that’s less complex? Discourse is simple, straightforward, modern, and fun, with all the features that you get from a big social medium like Facebook or Twitter. See why it’s being called the future of web forums.
New on YouTube
Check out our latest YouTube videos and make sure you’re subscribed to our channel for more tutorials and other content from developer advocates and guest experts.
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