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BlogLinodeLinode’s 13th Birthday – Gifts for All!

Linode’s 13th Birthday – Gifts for All!


It was 13 years ago today that Linode opened its doors and earned its first customers. Now, 13 years later, it’s amazing how much we’ve grown. According to a study by CloudHarmony, Linode is the 4th largest cloud provider to the top 10,000 Alexa websites, following only Amazon, Rackspace, and IBM. Not bad. We have helped over half a million customers, launched nearly 12 million Linode servers, and now have more than 100 employees, all while remaining independent and privately owned.

None of this would have been possible without the dedication and engagement of our employees, who care a great deal about you, our customer, and about the work we do. We’ve attracted some of the most passionate, brilliant, and handsome people I’ve ever met (BTW, we’re hiring). So, a big thanks to everyone here at Linode.

We also want to thank you for your business and support all these years. As a token of our gratitude, we’re announcing free RAM upgrades for both new and existing customers. Here’s the breakdown:

Old Plan New Plan Price
Linode 1 GB Linode 2 GB $10/mo ($0.015/hr)
Linode 2 GB Linode 4 GB $20/mo ($0.03/hr)
Linode 4 GB Linode 8 GB $40/mo ($0.06/hr)
Linode 8 GB Linode 12 GB $80/mo ($0.12/hr)
Linode 16 GB Linode 24 GB $160/mo ($0.24/hr)
Linode 32 GB Linode 48 GB $320/mo ($0.48/hr)
Linode 48 GB Linode 64 GB $480/mo ($0.72/hr)
Linode 64 GB Linode 80 GB $640/mo ($0.96/hr)
Linode 96 GB Linode 120 GB $960/mo ($1.44/hr)

View the full plan list

The free upgrade is available immediately. At the top of your Linode’s dashboard you will see the upgrade banner. It should be just the press of a button and a reboot for many of you, however sometimes a migration will be required – which typically just takes a few minutes.

This upgrade is available only for KVM Linodes. Legacy Xen Linodes will have to first upgrade to KVM before being able to take advantage of the RAM upgrade. You can upgrade your Xen Linodes to KVM using the “Upgrade to KVM” link on the lower-right side of your Linode’s dashboard.

Unfortunately, since Tokyo is sold out, the upgrade is not available there. We hope to have our second Tokyo facility online before the end of this year.

In addition to the new facility, our teams are working hard on the new API (in public alpha), the new open source Linode Manager, and the significant improvements to our networking infrastructure including transit, peering, and bandwidth upgrades. We’re also very excited about our future office in Philadelphia – a beautiful neoclassical 110-year-old former bank building right at the heart of N3RD Street. Renovations are underway and we hope to be working out of there in the spring.

We continue to build upon the foundations of a company that is big enough to handle its customers’ needs but small enough to care. We hope we’re accomplishing that. You have our eternal gratitude for your business. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Author Photo
    Ricardo N Feliciano

    This is great news! Congratulations guys. This is the type of business move that had attracted me to Linode many, many, years ago. Nice to see nothing has changed (but the RAM :p ).

  2. Author Photo

    Amazing. Thank you Linode!

  3. Author Photo

    Great stuff. Happy birthday. Thank you.

  4. Author Photo

    Thanks for being a great hosting provider! I always used your services, even when I was working for your competitor!

  5. Author Photo

    Happy Birthday Linode! Thanks for this update, things like this (along with your awesome service) have kept me a happy customer for several years now.

    To the next successfull 13 years!

  6. Author Photo

    Great. Only one question… When will you come to India 🙂

  7. Author Photo

    Awwww you are the best ! Love you Linode and happy birthday to you guys !

  8. Author Photo

    Very much appreciated! Happy Birthday Linode!

  9. Author Photo

    Thank you Linode!The best wishes!

  10. Author Photo

    Dudes, you rule.

  11. Author Photo

    Thank you Linode! I have been a customer for many years, and have always been impressed with Linode’s unique customer care and incremental increases in value. That’s why I recommend Linode to so many of my friends and clients, and why I am still a very happy customer. Great job guys, keep up the good work!

  12. Author Photo

    I hope the second Tokyo facility online soon.

  13. Author Photo

    Happy Birthday! Linode is one of the best companies whose services I ever had pleasure of using — don’t even know any more for how many years exactly.

  14. Author Photo

    WOW! Happy birthday!

  15. Author Photo

    Not bad at all.

    One thing though: can we expect official support for FreeBSD on Linode at some point? Certain other cloud vendors have made big inroads in this area as of late.

  16. Author Photo

    Happy birthday Linode! Always great service.

  17. Author Photo

    This is a great gift for all your customers! Congratulations for your birthday. I was evaluating a migration to another service because the leak of PayPal payments but is impossible to equal Linode great service. Many thanks!!!

  18. Author Photo

    Happy Birthday Linode! A happy customer for over five years I’ve seen a good number of hardware refreshes and you’ve always given me more for less. You guys are amazing! Keep up the good work.

  19. Author Photo

    @TN: I don’t know our exact roadmap for distribution support, but we do have a guide available on how to install it yourself on Linode:

  20. Author Photo

    Happy Birthday, Linode! You guys are literally the best out there. And the way the community has contributed by writing guides for us is what makes customers like me stick around for a long long time. What better way to celebrate than have double the RAM.

    PS: Lots of Love, always!

  21. Author Photo

    Thanks so much for the free upgrade and happy 13th birthday Linode

    Last month was my 2nd year anniversary being a Linode customer as well just nice birthday present too 🙂

  22. Author Photo

    Happy Birthday Linode 13th Birthday! You guys are awesome!
    Hope to have 2nd Tokyo datacenter online soon!

  23. Author Photo

    @mkorsak: Yup. I do prefer all the niceties of official support though.

    But hey, back on topic: As a long-time customer, I never get tired of how these pricing adjustments feel totally insane at first.

    My personal 1 gigs of RAM plan being bumped to 2 gigs is one thing, and it makes me get all deep about the meaning of exponential growth in the middle of a busy work day. But a customer system going from 4 gigs to 8? That’s a ‘wait wat’ kind of moment 🙂

  24. Author Photo

    The best kind of moment!

  25. Author Photo

    The best… you were, you are, and you’ll always be the best 😀

  26. Author Photo

    Thank you Linode

  27. Author Photo

    thank you linode.. we’ll loyal to you

  28. Author Photo

    Oooooooooh YEA! I’ve been sacrificing noble goats that we might see a RAM upgrade and look, it didn’t take the whole flock! WOO HOOO!! You can have a birthday everyday. ehehhe!

    Thanks for your great service, work, and continued path towards excellence.

  29. Author Photo


    If you already building a new manager, what about a production Lockdown feature?
    What i’m basically mean is to add a lockdown button in the manager.
    When we turn this on it will limit the access of linode’s customer support representatives (maybe allow only specific staff).
    When the customer using this feature will want customer support ,he will just disable it.
    This will greatly increase linode security because most breaches are actually come from inside (I know there was few exploits with ColdFusion. but this still would be greatly appreciated)

    Is it possible?


    • Author Photo


      By limiting the access, do you mean access into the servers? If so, then you can rest easy – Linode staff doesn’t have access into a user’s server. We don’t know the credentials and just squarely are no able to get in. Of course, Linode Managed users do create users for us to sign in with, but that is always logged and we can only sign in if something that is monitored breaks.

  30. Author Photo

    Thank-you for all the hard work and for the upgrades! I am looking forward to the new interface.

    –Happy customer for 8 years!

  31. Author Photo

    Thank for your answer.
    Yes, I meant into the server when i’m NOT on Linode Managed. not directly into it, but copy/clone access of an image or any other way that allows an inside worker to get a copy of my server image (And then get my into my production database).
    I’m not talking about a RAM\hypervisor attack of an IT guy (which cannot be prevented even in AWS),
    i’m talking about an easy way of doing it thru the staff’s linode manager.

    Did I got something wrong?

    • Author Photo

      Ah, I see, so more of being able to interact with the disks, not necessarily being able to go into it.

      There wouldn’t really be an easy way to do it even from our end and I’ll be happy to try and rests some fears. Say for example someone did make a copy of the disk. They wouldn’t be able to access it or copy it out of the account, as it can only be copied (from the Manager) to a server on the same account. The only way they could get it out of your account is if they signed into the server and ran an rsync or something similar to another location, but as your credentials are unknown to Linode, you’d be safe from that (and if they could do this, they could do it remotely, not needing to go through the Linode Manager).

      Of course, I can still bring this request to our devs to see if they can implement it, but I can guarantee our team follows a stringent code of conduct and that you are largely safe in our hands 🙂

  32. Author Photo

    Thank you Linode!

  33. Author Photo

    Thank You very much! Happy customer for 2 years!

  34. Author Photo

    Thanks and happy birthday, Linode! You guys are actually the first VPS I’ve used (I previously just had an old PC running under my desk as a server) and the service has been fantastic. This is even more reason for me to stick around for a long time. 😀

  35. Author Photo


    Yes, thats what I talking about. Every way that allow them to steal data.
    If guess correctly the access that linode support staff have into user’s Linode Manager, one can probably clone the disk, reboot & use rescue to reset the new image root password, use rsync or any other way to steal data. this way it can be done without my credentials, isn’t it?

    Just to clarify, I don’t put linode staff code of conduct in doubt. but, inside staff, or the human is almost always the point of entry. an example could big as Edward Snowden or even some leaks I encountered myself. it’s almost always an inside staff.

    I also don’t think it’s bad that that linode staff has access to Linode Manager of every customer as there is usability vs security compromise.
    That’s why I think opt-in solution is best.
    As a developer myself I think that implementing such thing isn’t very hard (but that’s a blind guess). it should just block linode staff into Linode Manager of users that ask so as opt-in. there could be a senior staff with access to bypass that if you think that is necessary.

    Am I right?

    By the way, Great RAM upgrade!

    Thank you!

  36. Author Photo

    Props to you. I have an eCommerce website hosted with you guys, you are truly great!

  37. Author Photo

    Congratulations Linode! Happy customer for almost 6 years.

  38. Author Photo

    Happy 13th Birthday, Linode! 🙂 This is truely an awesome day for you guys! Keep rocking! 🙂

  39. Author Photo

    Hopefully one of these days you’ll remove the awful upload speed limit, I mean at least offer 1Gbps upload minimum. 🙁 Been a customer for like 3 years.

  40. Author Photo

    Congratulations and Thank you!

    Any plans on India DataCenter?
    DigitalOcean opened last month!
    Amazon opening next month
    Azure and IBM Softlayer already have it.

  41. Author Photo

    This is an awesome news! Is it applied for lifetime or just for the first month?

  42. Author Photo

    Happy Birthday! I have been using the Linode cloud hosting for 3 years, and totally pleased with the service. Thanks for the gift.

  43. Author Photo

    Thank you! 🙂

  44. Author Photo

    Firstly, thank you for this gift.

    Just a question. I have several nodes running. My node is 2048 and located in Singapore. How much will you charge me next month if I do not upgrade RAM to 4096?

  45. Author Photo

    Notice this when i was updating the DNS records.
    Really nice gift and happy birthday Linode!

  46. Author Photo

    This is awesome – great going Linode. Moving from DigitalOcean has been all smiles.

  47. Author Photo

    Happy birthday Linode. Great services!

  48. Author Photo
  49. Author Photo
    Daniel Aleksandersen

    Hi. Thanks. I’ve been looking for a higher memory alternative to Digital Ocean. You’ll get a new customer early next week! (Not starting the migration just before the weekend, sorry.)

  50. Author Photo

    Hey, Happy Birthday Linode.

    I’m a new buyer. If I get this discounted plan, then I can lock-in this plan for ever? As long I continue to you.


  51. Author Photo

    Amazing….And Thanks for this offer.

  52. Author Photo

    Happy 13th Birthday, Linode! You’ll always be the best

  53. Author Photo

    That is great! You guys have been awesome in helping my web hosting startup Web Hosting Ninja Get off the ground at a great price point.

    Thank you so much for your great service!

  54. Author Photo

    Why is it anything over 8GB don’t get double the memory?

    Will there be another hardware upgrade with Xeon v4 soon ?

    Update on Block storage? Compute / Memory instances?

    Any new DC coming in? Others seems to be expanding a lot faster.

  55. Author Photo

    Bueno. Gracias. 5 Years Customer im Very Happy.

  56. Author Photo

    @John: Plan prices are never temporary and you won’t be kicked out of them at any point. We pass on discounts for plans to our customers where we see fit to make a better value for our service, just like this one. If at any point though you are comfortable with what you have, you aren’t forced to upgrade, and can remain on your exact plan paying the same price basically well, forever.

    @Ed: This is just the new structure our team designed as they see fit. As you move up, doubling the RAM means adding an amount that’s far more than the smaller plans. You could also utilize more smaller Linodes together to horizontally expand your infrastructure if you would rather do that, which can work great for many people.
    We don’t have any other announcements about upgrades or services at this time, though when we do, they’ll be posted here to the blog first. I recommend following its RSS feed, or following us on Facebook/Twitter where they are also posted.
    Our next datacenter is Tokyo 2 as mentioned in this blog, which is coming in Q4 2016.

  57. Author Photo

    Thanks for this generous gift Linode and happy birthday :D.

  58. Author Photo

    Thank you! Been with you guys since 2009 when I had a 384 MB Linode. The upgrades never get old.

    Your move, Digital Ocean. (ha!)

  59. Author Photo

    I absolutely love you guys! You’ve taught me so much about Linux with your wonderful docs, and your servers are rock solid! I don’t do too much with my server but host TeamTalk for my friends to chill out on, and also have a PBX which I use sometimes, but you guys are absolutely amazing! Happy birthday and I’m sure you’ll remain the best server provider ever, in my oppinion!

  60. Author Photo

    Happy birthday

  61. Author Photo

    Linode is awsome!

  62. Author Photo

    Great news, but not great for me in Tokyo.
    I have Linode 2GB now. $20. But new plan is $10 for 2GB.
    People in Tokyo have to pay $20 for 2GB until second facility opens?

  63. Author Photo

    LIke an addiction I visit the linode blog nearly every day hoping for this announcement. My fix has finally come. Thank you linode 🙂

  64. Author Photo

    will Transfer be upgrade?

  65. Author Photo

    Thanks Linode ♥ And Happy BDay.
    Our upgrades were very easy, quick, and piece of cake workflow 🙂

  66. Author Photo

    Thanks for the upgrade!

    Looking forward to your peering upgrades as well! I hope it resolves the issues we sometimes have with traffic from Asia.

  67. Author Photo

    I love you!!

    After leaving Slicehost and DigitalOcean, I can say that my servers found their true home.

  68. Author Photo

    Awesome. Thanks, Linode. 🙂

  69. Author Photo

    The legends of awesomeness. Thanks guys, been very happy with your service for the last 3 years so far.

  70. Author Photo

    I hope the hongkong facility open soon.

  71. Author Photo

    We were literally in the middle of a meeting discussing moving to AWS. When we saw the upgrade we ended the meeting. Thanks for the upgrade!

  72. Author Photo

    Nice Linode, that’s why I still prefer Linode as my server!

  73. Author Photo

    To ADMIN:

    Thanks for the upgrade. I don’t need the extra ram so can i just stay on my same plan but pay less? I currently paying $20 for 2 GB but now it’s only $10, can i change my price to the lessor amount?

    • Author Photo

      You’re staying on the same plan, but getting more RAM for it. If you don’t mind reducing your storage, CPU, and transfer allotment you can always change plans after you take the upgrade.

  74. Author Photo

    I’d like to say I am enjoying the new upgrade; I was originally on the tiny 1GB plan which was already fast.

    Not only do I have more RAM on the new Linode, but AES-NI has been enabled, and an “openssl speed -evp aes-128-gcm” benchmark indicates over 2GB/sec (!) for 8192 byte blocks of AES-128-GCM encryption, up from ~350MB/sec
    And AES-256-GCM, which Chome has recently added, which was previously ~250MB/sec is now 1.8GB/sec in the “openssl speed -evp aes-256-gcm” benchmark, 8192 byte block!

  75. Author Photo

    Nice. Thanks, Linode.

  76. Author Photo


    Understood that TYO is currently not available for this upgrade. Will this free offer still be available for current Xen users in TYO after your new facility is online? Thanks.

  77. Author Photo

    My 2 GB plan is now at 4 GB. It is a great gift. I will add another linode soon 😀

  78. Author Photo

    One of the be-laterz..

    Happy Birthday Linode! And thanks for the treat!!

  79. Author Photo

    Great news! More RAM is always better 🙂
    Happy 13th birthday!

  80. Author Photo
    Felipe Criação

    It’s really nice to be a customer of yours! My company had some problems in the last year with a ddos that Linode suffered and affected all my customers but at least after that no more problem! Thank you so much for the RAM gift and if you allow me to suggest something: you should not have increased the amount of RAM but the amount of disk space cause your main competitors (like Digital Ocean) offer plans with more disk space. Take for example de 1GB plan (now 2GB plan) you offer only 24GB while Digital Ocean provided 30GB. I have 2 servers running there only because of this disk space limitation at linode, if you could change that I would certainly move back to Linode these 2 servers. Anyway, I appreciate your efforts and Linode is getting faster and faster every year 🙂

  81. Author Photo

    Love the upgrade of ram, it allowed me to save a bit of money! Thanks Linode!

    @Felipe Criação: I imagine Linode will be upgrading network and disk space soon if they stick to their usual pattern of doing things. It’s coming, that’s my prediction! Get ready for that migration!

  82. Author Photo

    Thanks Linode for this awesome gift. I have upgraded mine successfully and working more robust than before.

  83. Author Photo

    Used RackSpace for years. Nothing but trouble and server went down daily. Switched to Linode, couldn’t be happier. Zero problems, better service, better server, better everything for the same price… and now free memory. I am a happy Linoder!

  84. Author Photo

    @Blake G I really hope that! If they increase their storage (disk space) I am sure many people will migrate from other cloud companies cause the only thing that lacks at linode is disk space when comparing to other hosting solutions.

  85. Author Photo

    This is awesome!!!!
    It came at the right time when i was planning to upgrade.

    Linode Rocks !!!!

  86. Author Photo

    I logged into the manager to spin up new servers (I hardly EVER have to) — and I saw the free upgrade! You guys are just awesome! Thanks for being amazing! Happy birthday, Linode!

  87. Author Photo

    Happy Birthday! And thank you 😉

  88. Author Photo

    A customer here and I would like to see block storage options. I switched from Digital Ocean because Linode is cheaper, but I’ve had to upgrade because I run out of storage and now DigitalOcean is cheaper. I haven’t had time to do the migration but plan to.

  89. Author Photo

    Best Wish for your birthday – Linode 🙂

  90. Author Photo

    Happy birthday Linode. Thank you for gift.

  91. Author Photo

    thats a great news for all linode customers. great news for potentials customers like me as well. are you guy’s thing of increasing bandwidth allocation anytime sooner? im thinking to switch to linode and everything seems perfect for me except the bandwidth limit. where most of all competitors are offering 1gb outbound and DO’s new structure offer 10-40gb, linode seems to be far behind in this area.

  92. Author Photo

    Wow, amazing free memory. I will try 4 GB.

  93. Author Photo

    Great stuff. Happy birthday. Thank you.

  94. Author Photo

    Happy birthday!

    And thank you for the gift as well. It’s a really nice touch 🙂

  95. Author Photo

    Great happy birthday, wish that linode always grow

  96. Author Photo

    Always great service.

  97. Author Photo

    Happy Birthday Linode and Thanks for the gift.

  98. Author Photo

    Thank-you for all the hard work and for the upgrades! I am looking forward to the new interface.

  99. Author Photo

    Best Wish for your birthday – Linode
    The best service that I use.

  100. Author Photo

    Happy Birthday Linode in Advance 😀 after reading Some Post Came Here 🙂

  101. Author Photo

    Happy birthday Linode! Congratulations guys. This is the type of business move that had attracted me to Linode many, many, years ago.

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