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October 2022

Get your Terraform ebook with new sections on automation options, product comparisons, and more.

We just published an updated version of our Terraform ebook, which includes new sections on defining cloud native and mutable versus immutable infrastructure, Terraform automation options, and a comparison between Terraform and Ansible. Our new reference architectures show how to arrange cloud infrastructure and services for a range of applications through diagrams, abstracts, and tutorials. Check back often as new reference architectures are on their way.
Featured Guides
Use a Linode to create a router that connects to up to three network interfaces. Connect systems on a private VLAN to the public internet, connect systems on two separate private VLANs, or forward IPv6 addresses from a /56 routed range. This guide will show you how to accomplish this using IP forwarding and iptables.
Podman is an open source containerization tool. Like Docker, Podman can create, run, and manage containers. Podman distinguishes itself from Docker by using a secure daemonless process to run containers in rootless mode. Learn how to install and run containers with Podman in this tutorial.
Buildah is an open source containerization tool capable of creating OCI compliant images from scratch, Dockerfiles, or Containerfiles. Learn how to install and use Buildah to create containers and container images.
Our updated ebook helps you understand the underlying concepts of Terraform, declarative cloud infrastructure management, and basics of Terraform’s language, the Hashicorp Configuration Language. New sections include defining cloud native and mutable versus immutable infrastructure, Terraform automation options, and a comparison between Terraform and Ansible. Download it here.
Reference architectures are designed to give users a diagram, including a recommended structure, components, and third-party tools, to support a project or workload. You can find this new content type on the Linode documentation page with examples to get you started on concepts like high availability, monitoring, and CI/CD pipeline. We’re committed to growing reference architecture content based on your feedback. If you have a reference architecture that you’d like to submit, contact us.
Do you resell, refer, recommend or build on Linode services for your clients? If so, take a look at our brand-new YouTube channel aimed at businesses just like yours. It’s the home of our monthly partner roundups, an MSP Spotlight series, industry interviews, event coverage, and more. Not a reseller or referral partner? Apply to join in minutes.
Open Source
A computer that is obsolete for you might be a dream computer for someone else. Learn how to refurbish old computers with Linux.
Monitoring your servers is crucial to maintain them effectively. From open source server monitoring software to web-based paid services, this article includes tools and services that you can use to monitor your servers.
New on YouTube
Check out our latest YouTube videos and make sure you’re subscribed to our channel for more tutorials and other content from developer advocates and guest experts.
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