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BlogNetworkingMove or swap IPs across linked Linodes

Move or swap IPs across linked Linodes

[b]Move or swap IPs across linked Linodes within the same data center[/b]

You can now move and/or swap IP addresses assigned from one Linode to another Linode that’s under your account — as long as they’re in the same datacenter. This new feature is located off the Remote Access subtab by clicking on “IP Swap”.


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    Important note on this functionality: If you use “Swap IP” for a mail server, it only swaps the IPv4 address and does not modify the IPv6 address. Google delivers email via IPv6, so if you are migrating email servers, you could have most of the internet delivering mail to the new server while Google is still trying to deliver to the old server. If the old server is still running, you won’t get bounce messages at Gmail because it is successfully delivering the messages, but you won’t get mail on the new server.

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