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BlogHow Cloud Infrastructure Service and Support Helped Lead Sherpa Through Accelerated Growth

How Cloud Infrastructure Service and Support Helped Lead Sherpa Through Accelerated Growth


We’re fortunate to interact with customers that need help with interesting use cases. The relationships we build with them exemplify our mission to accelerate innovation by making cloud computing simple, affordable, and accessible to all.

One of those customers is Lead Sherpa. Based in Denver, CO, Lead Sherpa provides a compliant text messaging platform for real estate investors. The company started working with us early on when a developer recommended switching from Heroku to Linode. Lead Sherpa had a growing user base, and founder Jason Nickel discovered he needed to upgrade infrastructure to accommodate the additional load.

Our Professional Services team was able to guide Lead Sherpa in building scalable infrastructure to accommodate their growing user base better and put them in a position where further expansion would be a simple process. Scaling your compute power with Linode is a simple process, but scaling your application requires an understanding of its implementation, and this is where our Professional Services team was able to help Lead Sherpa.  

After the upgrade, Lead Sherpa began facing issues with their job queue, Celery. We helped Lead Sherpa get Celery back up and running quickly, by identifying shorter and longer running tasks and sorting them into queues based on task-size, and whether or not the task affected user experience. The application used a task queue to power its text-messaging functionality. 

We found that sometimes messages were blocked by unrelated tasks, which had a negative effect on user experience. This issue, coupled with slower response times on their application, naturally led our customer to inquire about resource utilization. When we reviewed their infrastructure setup and application performance, we discovered that database performance was significantly slower than we would have expected. Lead Sherpa’s application is heavily reliant on a high-performing database, and we needed to tune it along with their compute resources, focusing on four principles: 

  1. Configuration
  2. Indexing
  3. Application efficiency
  4. Hardware

While every use case is unique, the Linode Professional Services team often helps our customers with: 

  • Site migrations
  • Executing pain-free software deployments
  • Tuning and optimizing cloud infrastructure
  • Transitioning and maintaining high availability environments

You can learn more about Linode Professional Services here. Check out the full story about how we helped Lead Sherpa address its accelerated growth through unmatched service and support in our Lead Sherpa customer story or our Craft of Code series on Jason Nickel.


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