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November 2022

Three new customer stories plus new DevOps Survey

Around the world, people come together this time of year to celebrate and give thanks for fall harvests. At Linode, we share an ongoing appreciation for our customers around the world. This month’s newsletter highlights the three latest customer stories from our Craft of Code series. You’ll also find links to two new technical guides and an opportunity to participate in our quarterly research in partnership with Techstrong Research.
Featured Guides
Terraform is a powerful Infrastructure as Code tool that can create cloud resources in a programmatic, repeatable way. In addition to creating Compute instances, Block Storage volumes, and other Linode services, Terraform can create Object Storage buckets and upload objects to those buckets for repeatable deployments. Read this guide for more information and a quick example.
Appwrite is an open source platform for quickly developing RESTful backend services. It is an ideal solution for reducing development time, instead allowing you to focus on the frontend. Appwrite seamlessly runs alongside your other backend services, making it an adaptable solution that fits into an existing application or platform. Get started with Appwrite on Linode with this new guide.
Help the DevOps community understand public cloud requirements and priorities by participating in this research conducted by Techstrong Research, an industry analyst and consulting group focused on the business outcomes of disruptive technologies. All responses are anonymous. By participating, you also can receive a copy of the final report and enter for a chance to win a $250 gift card by completing a short form at the end of the survey.
Running on Linode, Smarty processes millions of requests per second, providing location data for companies like Microsoft, Netflix, Zillow, DHL, AT&T, and NASA.
Ludum Dare has been on Linode since 2015. Switching to servers with Solid State Drives improved the website performance at a lower cost.
Frank Karlitschek had used Linode for personal projects and believes that it’s one of the best places for people to run Nextcloud.
Open Source
Learn how to run your own AI image generator in this post from Hackernoon.
From hundreds of vendors at KubeCon, this list pulls together the 11 coolest technologies found at Kubecon North America in Detroit.
New on YouTube
Check out some of our latest YouTube videos and make sure you subscribe to our channel for more tutorials and other content from Linode advocates and guest experts.
DIY Cloud: Nextcloud AIO Install
SuperUser: Manage Your Photos with PhotoPrism
Cloud Simplified: Simulate Attacks with Infection Monkey
Top Docs: DNF Package Manager
[On-demand Webinar] Building SaaS Apps or Scale
[On-demand Webinar] Deploy Django to Linode using Managed Databases for MySQL
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