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December 2022

Open source social media platform now on the Linode Marketplace

Users have increasingly sought decentralized options for software services. Open source social network Mastodon has been experiencing a surge in user demand. Mastodon is now available on the Linode Marketplace, so you can easily configure your Mastodon network and start a server in minutes. Also, be sure to read about new Core and Distributed sites to our global cloud network and receive an email notification when a location is available.
Featured Guides
Sending email to customers and users is a vital feature of cloud computing, whether you’re hosting an ecommerce app or a burgeoning social media site. This guide provides all of the background information and considerations you need to set up an email server of your own.
Without the Domain Name System (DNS), the internet wouldn’t have domain names and would be incredibly hard to navigate. Learn all about what goes into setting up a domain name with this reference guide, including how DNS works behind the scenes and an explanation of all the various types of DNS record you may encounter.
Setting up a Mastodon server can be a lengthy multistep process and makes starting a server extremely complex for non-developers. Mastodon is now available on the Linode Marketplace so you can easily configure your Mastodon network and start a server in minutes.
Earlier this year, we announced our plans to expand the Akamai Cloud Global Network with new locations for core and distributed sites and increased availability of products and services in existing Linode data centers. Review the list of proposed locations on our interactive global network map and sign up to be notified when they’re in production.
Open Source
DevOps monitoring helps teams to quickly and automatically respond if there is any degradation in the customer experience. Here are seven tools to help you detect problems.
Here are nine text-based user interface interactive tools that will help you perform DevOps tasks.
New on YouTube
Check out some of our latest YouTube uploads and make sure you subscribe to our channel for more tutorials and other content from Linode advocates and guest experts.
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