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BlogLinodeDeploy Akamai Cloud Computing Services in South America

Deploy Akamai Cloud Computing Services in South America

Image representation of South America next to the text Deploy Akamai Cloud Computing Services in South America.

Our first core compute region in South America, located in São Paulo, Brazil, is now generally available. This is a significant step in our ongoing global cloud expansion as we begin offering our cloud computing resources to businesses and customers in the region.

A data center in South America has been highly requested by our users, but São Paulo, Brazil, has remained at the top of the list for our customers. Brazil also has an active partner community working to provide cloud services to local businesses or customer support for end users. Previously, these user groups were either limited first by availability of local compute resources, but by cost to maintain those resources in-country versus a regional alternative site. You now can quickly and easily deploy new resources or migrate an existing workload to São Paulo with accessible, performant, and predictably priced cloud computing services.

São Paulo Pricing

Due to market conditions and regulations, São Paulo (along with Jakarta) compute service pricing will differ from the majority of our regions, while also retaining extremely competitive price-performance compared to other providers in the region. This includes:

  • Hyperscalers with a direct competitive site are charging, on average, ~110% more for Dedicated compute instances.
  • Egress overages for São Paulo workloads are priced at $0.007 per GB, per month. In comparison, hyperscalers charge 1700% (17x) more for bandwidth overages.
  • Our compute plan structure remains consistent in São Paulo, which includes local storage, bundled egress, and free services like Advanced DDoS Protection and VLAN.

Getting Started

Customers can deploy new compute, storage, and networking resources in São Paulo, Brazil (br-gru) using the Cloud Manager and API documentation. If you’re a new customer interested in trying our cloud computing services, create an account or contact a cloud solutions expert for large workloads.


Learn about optimizing your application performance by location, review our the documentation, and pricing here:


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