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BlogLinodeInnovators Rely on Linode to Empower World-Changing Ideas

Innovators Rely on Linode to Empower World-Changing Ideas

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The Alternative Cloud™ is home to enthusiast developers and developer renegades. Servers, storage, and services give these innovators the flexibility and performance they need to build, test, and deploy new applications. Yet, when we look below the surface, there’s a surprising amount of enterprise-level, cutting edge, big data work happening as well. 

Here’s how we’re supporting innovators doing essential work in areas like COVID-19 research and outreach, DARPA projects, and supporting educators worldwide with e-learning solutions at a time when remote learning is critically important. 

Understanding the Impact of Pandemic Misinformation

The University of Oklahoma Risk Institute conducts data-intensive studies as one of the world’s most advanced centers for risk-related teaching, research, and outreach from natural, technological, and human hazards. They have relied on Shared and Dedicated Linodes as well as S3-compatible Object Storage and Backups out of our Dallas data center for over a decade.

Data Analytics to Support DARPA Innovation

Data Machines’ systems and codes are used daily by more than 2,500 researchers, data scientists, and research transition partners. Data Machines contracted with us to provide GPU support for a United States Department of Defense project that included teams of researchers in Australia, Canada, Israel, The Netherlands, and throughout the U.S. 

AI-Powered Document Search 

SimSage is currently capable of scanning and processing as many as 2 million documents at once, with goals to increase to tens of millions of documents using its AI-powered search platform informed by deep-learning neural networks and natural language processing. SimSage relies on us for infrastructure, including dedicated compute instances, Linode Kubernetes Engine, and eventually Linode Cloud GPUs.

Supporting Small Business With Survey Analytics

RT Analytics offers two products: Real-Time Survey, which collects academic and policy research data for clients in more than 30 countries; and Real-Time Workspace, an all-in-one platform providing 95% of an enterprise’s software needs to more than 1 million small-to-mid-sized businesses.

Global Edge and Multicloud

Macrometa is an emerging leader in edge and multicloud computing platforms giving developers superpowers to develop globally distributed apps quickly and at a fraction of cost compared to building on the cloud titans like AWS or Google Cloud. Macrometa runs in all 11 of our global data centers, consuming different compute instance types and disks, supporting the company’s R&D efforts, CI/CD pipelines, and platform as a service.

Fast-Growing E-Learning Solutions

Nephila Web Technology saw a 315% increase in clients at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic as its e-learning solutions platform was in high demand for a diverse educational customer base, many of whom are extremely cost-sensitive or rely on fixed endowments.

Affordable Digital Marketing

Infomedia is a full-service web design and digital marketing company managing a growing list of 400-500 websites. Infomedia partners with third-party cloud providers for its hosting and couldn’t find hosting companies that could keep up. The company recently migrated hundreds of clients to us, now getting the support, response time, uptime, and price it needs.

Bringing Banking to the Unbanked

3LOQ designed the world’s first AI engine that automates the creation of new banking habits, Habitual.AI, serving the largest banks in India. They process the activities of 3 million banking customers, which amounts to around 15-20 million customer transactions a month, using dedicated Linodes and automated backups in our Mumbai and Singapore data centers.

Affordable ERP for Emerging Markets

Swiftlet has a flagship product called Terebinth, a cloud ERP system that digitizes paperwork, accounting, and admin functions using open-source technology to get companies in Southeast Asia up to speed rapidly.

Video Streaming

Vendoti offers live video streaming to influencers and distributors, supporting real-time video streams on popular e-commerce applications and Facebook. They are currently running on a Dedicated CPU plan using our data centers in Fremont, CA, and Dallas, where they spin up and down servers through a RESTful API design. In the future, they plan to host live streams in Europe, Asia, and beyond, leveraging additional Linode data centers located around the world. 

We love a great innovation story. We celebrate entrepreneurs who solve problems and bring their solutions to the world. These are just some examples of companies making a big impact right now, but we support thousands of organizations working with us to bring innovation to life.


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