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April 2023

Early access to new data centers, services, and more.

Now is a great time to get early access and test new services before they hit the market, provide valuable feedback to influence direction, and become part of a community of developers helping us build the cloud that works for you. Learn more about our new Washington, DC (IAD) data center, enhancements to our Object Storage, and other opportunities as part of our Green Light beta program.
Featured Guides
Programming languages usually adhere to a particular programming paradigm. Logical programming, commonly used in AI and machine learning applications, subscribe to a system of data-driven facts and rules. With this guide, learn more about how logical programming diverges from other paradigms and their real-world applications.
Mastodon, the popular open source, federated social media application, encourages users to upload images to share them. While storage for these images might not concern smaller communities, storage solutions become critical as the user base grows. Our Object Storage provides a simple, scalable solution to hosting user-created media. Read this guide to see how you can configure your Mastodon instance to use our S3-compatible object storage.
Sometimes building a website to publish content becomes a battle to configure and adopt a certain framework. Astro is less concerned with the particulars of building an application and focuses on publishing content with a framework-agnostic viewpoint. Astro can publish Markdown and HTML content, server-side rendering (SSR), and static site generation (SSG), and you can even use your existing content management system.
Functions, serverless, and Kubernetes—when you’re preparing to build your first containerized application, these tools and their underlying concepts can blur together. In this post, we’ll demystify these essential topics for building scalable cloud-native applications.
Our Partner team spends a lot of time talking to MSP owners and IT professionals around the world. Based on hundreds of user reviews and Akamai customer conversations, we teamed up with our friends and IT industry experts Jay LaCroix and Tom Lawrence to find the best production-ready open source technology for MSP businesses and their customers.
Green Light is an active community of developers who take pride in being the first users to test new products and share knowledge with the community. Upcoming betas include our new Washington, DC (IAD) data center, Object Storage enhancements, VPC, and Functions. Join Green Light today.
Open Source
Many organizations have trouble getting started with Kubernetes because they perceive it to be too complex, too expensive, and simply overwhelming. We took that to heart. Hear about the pain points we’re tackling with managed services and free egress.
Data hoarding becomes a never-ending cycle unless you take action to stop it. Here are a few tips to give you better controls.
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Las Vegas, NV | May 1-4
Starts April 26, 2023
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