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The 2023 Open Source Tech Stack Guide for MSPs

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An overview on the top 20+ open source tools for managed service providers from reviews, users, and Akamai cloud computing customers. Plus, advice from industry experts.

What's Inside

Top open source tools for MSPs – reviewed and verified by real users and industry experts

The MSP community has spoken. The Linode, now Akamai, partner team spends a lot of time talking to MSP owners and IT professionals around the world. Based on hundreds of user reviews and Akamai customer conversations, we teamed up with our friends and IT industry experts Jay LaCroix and Tom Lawrence to find the best production-ready open source technology for MSP businesses and their customers. Save on license costs and support open source projects for everything from help desk tools and ticketing to infrastructure security.

Image showing the cover of The 2023 Open Source Tech Stack Guide for MSPs alongside the book opened to pages showing info on featured tools Invoice Ninja and MeshCentral.

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You will learn:
  • Why Open Source
  • Production-Ready Open Source Tools
  • All Facts, No Fluff

Why Open Source

As applications are shipped to production faster than ever, tackling free alternatives to proprietary monolith software is a shared mission among open source contributors and backers. Incorporating open source technology gives your businesses more predictability, customization, security, and cost savings.

Production-Ready Open Source Tools

Linux, WordPress, PostgreSQL, VLC... what do they all have in common? These are some of the world's largest and most used open source projects, supporting millions of applications and users 24/7. Akamai's cloud computing services aim to make it easier than ever to host and use cost-effective open source tools for your largest client workloads.

All Facts, No Fluff

We've distilled the essential information about each open source tool so it's all the info you need on one page, including:

  • Key Features
  • Pros & Cons
  • Support Resources
  • Industry Sectors
  • What the Experts Think

Meet Your Experts

Headshot of Tom Lawrence

Tom Lawrence

Tom has been in the tech industry since 1995 and is the CEO of Lawrence Systems, a widely-known MSP that advises other MSPs on best practices and business development.

Headshot of Jay LaCroix

Jay LaCroix

Jay is the owner of LearnLinuxTV and the ultimate Linux educator and enthusiast. Jay has more than two decades of Linux experience and is a champion for open source technology.

Headshot of James Steel

James Steel

James is a Senior Partner Community advocate with Akamai cloud computing services. With 10+ years of MSP industry experience, he researches and presents on the top MSP technologies.