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Google Single Sign-On Now Available on Linode


Sign in or sign up using Google Single Sign-On

New and existing customers can now use Google single sign-on to create an account or login to manage your cloud infrastructure. We’re introducing this alternative authentication method based on feedback from our developer community and experience with GitHub authentication, which launched last year.

To get started, choose between Google, GitHub, or Linode account credentials to authenticate into Cloud Manager.  It’s fast and easy to switch your login method, and we’ve created a guide with step-by-step instructions: Enabling Third Party Authentication on Your Linode Account.

Enabling Google Single Sign-On for Current Customers

Visit your Login and Authentication settings in Cloud Manager. Your current sign-on method is indicated with a checkbox.

Select Google to change your login method. On the pop-up, select “Change Login”

You will be directed to a page showing your Google accounts. Select the desired account, or select “Use another account”.

You will see a confirmation message and the option to navigate back to the Linode Cloud Manager.

Creating a New Account with Google or GitHub

Simply click on the provider you want to associate with your new Linode account. You will then be guided through a short authentication process.

Note: Enabling third party authentication for your Linode account disables Two-Factor Authentication (TFA). We recommend enabling TFA with the TPA provider you choose as an extra security measure.

Linode continues to make the customer experience as easy and seamless as possible with supporting partners.  Keep an eye on our blog, social media, and subscribe to our In the Node newsletter for future product updates.


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