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Top StackShare Developer Tools on Marketplace

StackShare Top Developer Tools

Developers are always trying to find new tools to manage their workloads better and drive innovation. StackShare released its highly-anticipated Annual StackShare Awards for 2022.

You’ll find tools for everything from container management to AI, but they all have one thing in common: enabling you to build out your application. Here are some StackShare favorites that are already available on the Linode Marketplace.

Top New Tool of the Year

It’s no surprise that classic tools and platforms made the cut for the standard categories. Still, we’re particularly excited for these newcomers to get the recognition they deserve.

Budibase (#10)

Budibase is a low-code application builder ideal for creating apps like user portals and admin panels. Connecting your preferred data source is easy, whether you rely on a database or spreadsheet program. You can also choose from various templates or start building from scratch. Budibase does not require a license for self-hosting—you can get started right from the Marketplace.
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Uptime Kuma (#11)

Uptime Kuma is a comprehensive monitoring solution that is “fancy” and fun to use. It’s also popular among home lab enthusiasts. You can monitor services over HTTP/S, TCP, DNS, and other networking protocols. Customize monitoring patterns and alerts, and create a status page for external users. Plus, it’s open source, so it’s always free.
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Build, Test, & Deploy Tool of the Year

These are the heavy hitters for building modern applications, with a strong emphasis on containerization. Tools and services like Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE), Nomad, Harbor, and gopaddle. are part of a growing list of resources, making deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters easier.

Data Store/Tool of the Year

The top databases are likely familiar and represent the current de facto standard for open source data stores. SQL databases are still on top, with NoSQL on the rise. We expect Mongo and others like Cassandra to continue to attract developers as more applications are designed to intake unstructured data. Redis is classified as NoSQL but is unique as an in-memory and key-value store that’s often used alongside other databases.

Language of the Year

Node.js (#3) is a development language and platform enabling developers to build high-performance and scalable applications in JavaScript.

Backend/Full Stack Framework of the Year

“What’s your stack?” It’s the question for developers evaluating each other’s work; everyone has a favorite. Django continues to be the favorite of Python devs, and Ruby still rides the rails. The order of these frameworks is also a statement of the popularity of the languages used.

Monitoring Tool of the Year

It’s a given that Grafana (#1) topped the charts in the monitoring category. Grafana is both easy to use and powerful for a development task that can quickly become overly complex.

While this category is called “monitoring tools,” it’s becoming commonplace for any technology in this group to support the continued DevOps drive for observability. 

The “three pillars” of observability are metrics, logs, and traces.

Support, Sales, and Marketing Tool of the Year

This is a broad category with everything from ticketing systems to marketing automation. WordPress (#1) is still the developer favorite for website building and content management (CMS) and has been since its release nearly two decades ago. It’s customizable, no-nonsense, and easy to spin up, so we expect it to rank near the top for years to come.

Read the rest of the 2022 StackShare awards, or find your new favorite self-hosted tool in the Linode Marketplace.

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