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Linode Three Year Anniversary and 25% additional RAM

Dear Members,

This past Friday (2006-06-16) marked Linode’s three year anniversary, and I just wanted to say, on behalf of Mike and myself, a big old THANKS to all of you for your business and continued support.

As such, I feel the time is right to upgrade the plans to include an additional 25% RAM, retro-active to all existing customers.

Linode 80 becomes [b]Linode 100[/b]
Linode 120 becomes [b]Linode 150[/b]
Linode 160 becomes [b]Linode 200[/b]
Linode 240 becomes [b]Linode 300[/b]
Linode 320 becomes [b]Linode 400[/b]

Check the [url=]products[/url] page for more information.

To take advantage of the new RAM, please reboot your Linode.

Thank you again for your business. Regards,

Comments (17)

  1. Author Photo

    No…. thank YOU guys for providing us with the greatest combination of price/performance/service for hosting anywhere on the internet.


  2. Author Photo


    Thanks Caker!

  3. Author Photo

    I agree with ross — thank *you* for one of the best customer support service and service plans! I wish you many happy returns 🙂

  4. Author Photo

    It just keeps getting better

    Thank you 8)

  5. Author Photo

    THANKS Caker!!!
    That’s really good news!

  6. Author Photo

    Superb news! Well worth getting rid of three months uptime 🙂

    Thanks to all the Linode staff!

  7. Author Photo

    This is excellent, again thanks very much!


  8. Author Photo

    Would you mind not upgrading the service so often?

    Some of us are trying [u]not[/u] to reboot unless absolutely necessary.


    But seriously, thanks man. 8)

  9. Author Photo

    Hmm… I need to check in more often.

    Thanks again, caker!

  10. Author Photo

    Well, there goes my 270 day uptime. 🙂

  11. Author Photo

    really cool.

    Thank *you*.

  12. Author Photo


    I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth… 🙂

    But, from ‘free’ output:

    [code]$ free
    total used free shared buffers cached
    Mem: 195300 166840 28460 0 28140 75220
    -/+ buffers/cache: 63480 131820
    Swap: 263160 0 263160

    This used to be a Linode 128, which then became a Linode 160, and is now a Linode 200.

    Wouldn’t 200 MB be 200 * 1024 = 204,800 KB, though?

    (Memory DIMM capacity is measured in units of 1024. 1000 is a HD/media thing.)

  13. Author Photo

    I really need to check these forums more often.
    Just seen this.

    Thanks once again caker!!!

    Linode just keeps getting better and better.


  14. Author Photo

    [quote:28507b8583=”tronic”]Wouldn’t 200 MB be 200 * 1024 = 204,800 KB, though?

    (Memory DIMM capacity is measured in units of 1024. 1000 is a HD/media thing.)[/quote]
    It is. Your Linode is assigned 200M (200 *1024k). It’s just that the kernel itself takes some of that ram, just like a kernel on physical hardware.


  15. Author Photo

    Ahh! I see. Makes sense; thanks again!!

  16. Author Photo

    OK, im a late comer.

    Happy birthday! And i *really* appreciate the service. A good price, and great uptime.

    Speaking of uptime:

    $ uptime
    01:11:24 up 260 days, 16:11, 1 user, load average: 0.20, 0.61, 0.88

    So, i don’t want to reboot. 😛

  17. Author Photo

    it’s actually a bad thing to have such a long uptime.

    Are you *sure* your box will come back up if a reboot is required?

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