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August 2021

Simplify your account management, new payment option, Images billing update

With the increased adoption of encryption-driven third-party payment platforms, we want to ensure these options are available to meet your payment preferences and requirements. To support your preferences, we’ve released the ability to enable recurring payments for Linode services using Google Pay. Read more about it here. There are also important updates about Images improvements and details about pending pricing updates.
Featured Guides
AMP, or Application Management Panel, provides a GUI to simplify the deployment of game servers, and serves as the next iteration of the popular Minecraft server control panel McMyAdmin. AMP includes support for third-party mods, a heavy focus on security, and a sleek web interface for managing your server. This guide covers the installation and configuration of a new AMP server on most Linux distributions.
FFmpeg is a free and open-source utility for video and audio processing. It assists with the editing, reformatting, and conversion of audio, video, and multimedia files. You also can embed it into other media applications or function as a stand-alone command-line utility. This guide provides a brief introduction to FFmpeg and explains how to install FFmpeg and how to use FFmpeg to edit media files.

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Simplify how you manage your infrastructure on Linode. With the addition of Google Pay to support alternative payment options, remember that you can also log in using third-party authentication with Google or GitHub. For existing customers, sign in to your Linode account by changing your login and authentication account preferences. We have additional items on the roadmap to improve the ease of use for customers in Q4 2021.
In May 2021, we expanded the capabilities of our Images service, which included the ability to upload a custom image and deploy it to multiple Linodes. The release included an introductory offer for users to leverage all Images free of charge. If you are currently using images, you will see usage included on your bills starting September 1, 2021, at our standard rate of $0.10 per GB. Store up to 25 individual images or a maximum 150 GB on your account. Recovery Images, generated automatically after a Linode gets deleted, will continue to be provided at no cost.
Open Source
Protect your data, intellectual property, and time, from the hands of hackers. From nixCraft, here are 40 Linux server hardening tips.
How to build a news site and search engine end-to-end.
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