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Finnix 87.0

Ryan Finnie has updated Finnix to version 87.0. I’ve updated all the hosts’ [url=]Finnix Recovery Distributions[/url] to this latest version.

[b]How to utilize Finnix in our environment[/b]

1) Create an empty Configuration Profile (Configurations sub-tab, click “Create a new Configuration Profile”)
2) Select “Recovery – Finnix (kernel)” for the kernel
3) Select “Recovery – Finnix (iso)” for /dev/ubda
4) Select “Recovery – Finnix (initrd)” for the initrd (right below disk images)
5) Add your disk images that you need to repair/mount from inside Finnix to the remaining /dev/ubd slots.
6) Boot the new profile
7) Use the [url=]Lish Console[/url] to access your Finnix install

[b]The Finnix LiveCD[/b]


Finnix ISOs for x86, and PPC are freely available for download for non-Linode use at:

Finnix for iPod (Secret Sauce)



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