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Linode Docs Now Open Source on GitHub


docsFive years ago today we launched the Linode Library – a free, public resource for guides on subjects ranging from Linux basics to complex multi-system configurations. We’ve given our docs a much needed facelift in our new Guides & Tutorials section of our site. This new format should make finding and following the guides much easier.

Our entire catalog of guides is now hosted on GitHub. While our guides have always been licensed under Creative Commons, we hope this makes it easier to contribute. Using GitHub, we’ve opened it up for you, the reader, to make recommendations on instructional revisions, suggest new guides on interesting topics, and ultimately contribute back to the community.

Our bounty program has also been streamlined. In addition to email, you can now submit a bounty article as a pull request on GitHub.

As always, our guides and tutorials are there for everyone to use, even those who aren’t Linode users yet. By making them available on GitHub, we can foster greater collaboration and get the best information to you, the reader. Enjoy!

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    The new Guides & Tutorials section looks great and always great to see these kinds of things offered on GitHub.

    Keep up the awesomeness!

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    Great move! 🙂

    Writing technical docs with inline codes and commands using markdown (with backticks) is much easier.

    What are you using at ? Jekyll or something else? Is parsing code also open-source?

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    Do It’s being Open Source mean i can use it on my site and make changes ??

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