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August 2022

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Our quarterly Techstrong Research tracks the public cloud market to help us understand your cloud requirements and expectations. The latest report summarizes DevOps teams’ worldwide use of public cloud vendors and payment options. You can help by participating in our latest survey, which offers a chance to win a $250 gift card. Take the survey here. Also, check out the expanded edition to our Understanding Databases ebook and other highlights below.
Featured Guides
The Observability Stack is a pre-packaged distribution of monitoring tools and dashboard interfaces that can be installed on any Kubernetes cluster. It includes many popular open source observability tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, Promlens, TimescaleDB, and others. Together, these provide a maintainable solution for analyzing traffic on a server and identifying any potential problems with a deployment. Follow this guide to install TOBS on a Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) cluster using Helm with access via kubectl port-forwarding.
VSFTPD is an open source FTP server that is the default FTP server for several prominent Linux distributions. VSFTPD supports TLS, FTPS, and IPv6, making it secure and convenient to transfer files between a server and client. This guide shows how to install and configure VSFTPD, and how to upload and download files.
Learn how to deploy a production-ready Django application using Linode Managed Databases for MySQL, GitHub Actions, and more. Get step-by-step instructions in the newly expanded ebook and use it as a guide for a new video tutorial series on Linode LIVE! Get an introduction on using Django to do the heavy lifting for SQL on our blog.
The VLAN service is a recent addition to our London data center, expanding the ability to create private Layer 2 networks for secure communications across your instances. Learn more about VLANs on the recent blog post, Going Private with VLANs and VPCs, or add this free service to your network now.
These open source, self-managed, free projects from HashiCorp can now be deployed on Linode from our Marketplace. Nomad creates a simple, flexible scheduler and orchestrator to deploy and manage containers and non-containerized apps. Vault secures, stores, and controls access to sensitive data. Deploy now on Cloud Manager.
Open Source
This guide discusses the key benefits and drawbacks of hosting your own VPN and explains how to set one up.
This article explores how users and workloads are authenticated with the Kubernetes API server.
New on YouTube
Check out our latest YouTube videos and make sure you’re subscribed to our channel for more tutorials and other content from developer advocates and guest experts.
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September 7-8, 2022 | Austin, TX
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September 13-15, 2022 | SF Bay Area
MSP Summit
September 13-16, 2022 | Orlando, FL
LearnK8s: Scaling Series
Live Webinar | Sept 21, 28, and Oct 5
Tech With Tim: Create a Flask Rest API that Connects to a MongoDB Database
On-Demand Series | Coming Soon
Deploy Django to Linode Using Managed Databases for MySQL
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