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Events RSS Feed, Emails, and Profile Protection


Some of you may have noticed a few changes to the Linode Manger over the past few weeks, most notably that accessing your “My Profile” and the “Account -> Users & Permissions” subtab now require password re-authentication.

The re-authentication is meant to protect your contact settings, password changes, and other preferences.  The re-auth lasts for about 10 minutes, after which you’ll be asked to provide your password again on those sections of the Linode Manager.

If you re-auth on your My Profile you will find two new features:

The Linode Events RSS Feed allows you to subscribe to a stream of the activity occurring under your account.  Currently only Linode jobs are streamed, but we plan on adding more event types.  The RSS URL itself does not require Linode Manager authentication – meaning, copy and paste the URL into your favorite reader and you’re done.

The other feature is Linode Events email notification – which is the same stream of events aggregated over some time (currently every 15 minutes) but emailed directly to you.  We have defaulted this to ENABLED for all existing and any new users.


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    This is what I’m talkin’ about! Moving forward with security. I would have liked to see such measures put in before a security incident, but I am happy it’s there now. Thank you Linode Team! I would sleep easier, if I had time to sleep! 🙂

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