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HashiCorp Nomad and Vault Now on Linode


We’ve added more HashiCorp apps to our Marketplace with the recent additions of Nomad and Vault. As a Terraform verified provider since 2018, we continue to expand the apps library to include industry-leading tools for provisioning, securing, and automating cloud infrastructure.


Nomad is a popular scheduler and workload orchestrator designed to be lightweight and flexible with an emphasis on compatibility. Nomad can deploy containers and non-containerized applications in cloud, multicloud, on prem, and hybrid cloud environments. Running on a single lightweight binary, Nomad is suitable for edge computing and includes native federation capabilities to reliability span multiple regions and providers.

Nomad for Containers – Kubernetes remains the industry standard for container orchestration, but Nomad’s simplicity can make it ideal for teams with smaller deployments or organizations just getting started with containers. Nomad runs on a single binary and, compared to Kuberentes, is operationally simple and consumes less resources.

Nomad Not for Containers – While Kubernetes focuses on running Linux containers, Nomad supports virtualized and standalone applications, including Docker, Java, and Qemu.


Vault is an application that stores and manages sensitive information, including secrets, such as API keys and SSH credentials. Vault manages access to secrets and sends them securely within an environment. This differs from password managers like Bitwarden or 1Password where credentials are primarily accessed directly by the end user. Vault is designed to serve as the source of validation for application and workload identity.

In addition to centralizing secrets, Vault can rotate credentials on a set schedule for increased security and leverage other identity and access management platforms (IAM) such as Kubernetes, LDAP, and Active Directory.

Open Source

HashiCorp offers Nomad and Vault in open source and enterprise plans. The “always free” open source versions for self hosting on prem or on cloud providers like Linode.

If you want to learn more about using Hashi solutions like the Linode Terraform Provider, Nomad, or Vault as part of your architecture, check out our latest ebook and some learning series on IAC. You can also book a free session with our Solutions Engineering team to integrate these tools in your stack.


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