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BlogLinuxPlanet Linode – RSS Aggregator

Planet Linode – RSS Aggregator

In the spirit of the various Planet based RSS aggregators comes [url=]Planet Linode[/url]. For an example of some other Planet sites, check out [url=]Planet Debian[/url], [url=]Planet Gnome[/url], and [url=]Planet Ubuntu[/url].

Any Linode customer is welcome to have their blog added to the [url=]Planet Linode[/url] site. To have your blog listed, please open a Support Ticket with subject “Planet Linode” and include the URL for your blog’s feed in RSS format and the name you would like it displayed under.

The [url=]Planet Linode[/url] page is updated every 10 minutes.

If you use [url=]WordPress[/url] 1.5 for your blog, please note that there is a known bug that causes the times in the RSS feed to be incorrect. I have created a [url=]patch[/url] for this issue. To apply the patch, change to the directory with your WordPress blog and type [code]patch -p1 < /path/to/wordpress.patch[/code]


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