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Introducing the Linode API

We just released the first version of the Linode API.  For now, it only has methods for control over the DNS Manager, but we’ll be continually adding more stuff…

To use the API, you must first generate an “api key”, which you can do from your “my profile” page in the Linode Manager.  The API honors the permissions you have, so you’ll only be able to manipulate objects you have access to (the grants system was implemented in our last Linode Manager release).  There are already Python and Perl bindings, with more to come.

More information is available here:

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    When iContact ( did an API, one of our guys wrote a CPAN module to connect to it ( ) — I think it’d be cool to see Linode maintain the same thing.

  2. Christopher Aker
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    Been with you for a few months, the _ONLY_ thing that I thought was a pain was having to do the DNS manager thing manually. You guys rock!

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    A STONITH module based on this would be awesome for setting up highly available clusters.

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    So, guys, do you work on this now? I need an API to manage my vps’s programmatically, Slicehost already has beautiful one. But I don’t migrate my vps’ to slicehost)

    I found something like ruby api on the internet, but it parses html output..

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    OMG, ty ty ty :))

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