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Linode at LISA19


Hello! I’m Ryan Syracuse from Linode’s Technical Writing Team.

Here at Linode, we believe our successful 16-year tenure as a cloud hosting company is a direct reflection of our core values and competencies. This involves understanding future trends in large-scale modern Linux administration—ahead of the curve—and sharing these insights with the larger Linux community. Knowledge sharing and collaboration is something we value highly—we want to stay informed ourselves, and engaged with the Linux community to ensure we’re best serving the needs of our diverse users and peers.

The information that makes its way to you, our readers, is made possible by our Technical Writing team. They’re responsible for taking valuable insights in modern Cloud computing and sharing it in a way that is understandable and easy to digest. 

Next week, Linode is traveling to Portland, Oregon for the next iteration of the Lisa conference, to learn and share valuable information and insights found at the edges of administration.

At LISA, talented developers are performing, executing, and presenting a wide range of groundbreaking tasks and concepts everyday. This conference provides us with a fantastic opportunity to gather more insight to share with the Linux world. As Kubernetes is rapidly becoming more widely used and adopted in the cloud computing space, I’m most drawn to presentations that touch on Kubernetes in new and exciting ways. I love getting a look at unique and intricate system architectures that I wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to outside of an event like this. I’ve included some of these presentations below:

Multi-GPU Accelerated Processing of Time-Series Data of Huge Academic Backbone Network in ELK Stack

We just released dedicated GPU instances, so I’m excited to see an in-depth look at how GPU’s can be utilized en masse.

GitOps, an Elegant Tool for Hybrid Cloud Kubernetes

This seems like it has real potential to reduce the overhead and complexity involved in Kubernetes administration, so I’m really excited to see what I can learn.

I, Ryan Syracuse from Linode’s Technical Writing Team and Alex Kluger from Linode Support will be on hand to chat about Linode and modern systems administration.


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