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Linode Mumbai Data Center Now Open


We’re proud to announce the opening of our newest data center: Mumbai, India. Home to more than 5 million software developers, India is one of the world’s fastest growing developer and technology regions, and our most requested international data center location.

Linode Mumbai is our 10th global data center and was built with all our latest server builds, Next Generation Network (NGN), and global fiber backbone. Customers in India and the wider developer community can now benefit from reduced latency and improved performance by running workloads close to home.

Linode Mumbai cloud services are available at the same low, flat, and transparent price as our other data centers — making it easy to migrate from any of our other locations. Core Linode features and services are now available, with plans to expand available products and NGN improvements to the Indian market in the coming months.

Ashwin Kumar is Linode’s Director of Data Centre and Cloud Operations in Mumbai, responsible for supporting the delivery of Linode’s cloud infrastructure for our regional customers.

Customers with Linodes in other data centers who want to migrate to Mumbai can find information on cloning here. Cloning lets you stage your services on a new IP address before changing your DNS records. You can also open a support ticket if you need help with the migration. For new Linodes, simply choose “Mumbai” as the location when creating your cloud instance.

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    Is Managed Kubernetes available in India region?

  2. Author Photo

    Can you share an ETA for object storage availability in Mumbai region?

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      Hey Sanjid,

      We don’t have an ETA for the release of Object Storage in Mumbai. I’ve noted your request on our internal tracker for future consideration. That being said, it is currently available in Singapore.

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        Hi Regina,

        Any updates on this yet? I understand object storage is available in SG, but in the event of a data residency regulation being implemented in IN, would it be possible to migrate the objects from SG to IN (when available) without change in URLs for the objects?

        • Author Photo

          Hi Harish! We don’t have an ETA for Object Storage in Mumbai right now. We’ll be sure to update our blog when we do. That being said, Object URLs will change if objects are migrated to a different data center. This is because the URL will include the name of the cluster where the bucket is hosted.

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