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initrd support

You can now create up to a 32 MB uncompressed initrd image, and specify that image in your configuration profile for use as an initrd when your Linode boots. This is helpful in two-phased boot-up procedures, required when using LVM on your root partitions, or perhaps even running distro-upgrade procedures.

To create an initrd image, click on the Images sub-tab in the members area. You can then create an empty initrd disk image, up to 32 MB in size. This is nothing more than an ext2/3 filesystem, and can be mounted as a ubd device AND used as an initrd safely at the same time.

The contents you place on the initrd filesystem must be the contents of your initrd.gz file, but uncompressed and copied onto the filesystem.

You can’t resize an initrd image to more than 32 MB.

This is a new feature, so please let me know how things go.



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