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Linode and Akamai

Linode and Akamai

I am excited to announce that Linode has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Akamai.

You can read the official press release in our press room.

If you don’t already know Akamai, they’ve been around since the early days of the web. They invented the CDN and operate the world’s most sophisticated content delivery platform. Over the years, they’ve added world class security and edge solutions to their portfolio, among other things.

Like Akamai, we were early pioneers in cloud computing. Linode began in an apartment nearly 20 years ago and has grown into a 256 person company that operates in 11 markets serving customers in 185 countries. We’ve earned the trust of millions of customers, accelerated innovation, built world class products, and established Linode as a true alternative to our industry’s biggest competitors. 

When we started to look at our long term roadmap and how to deliver the best possible customer experience, we knew it would require more — more network, more security, more scale. Those are things Akamai does better than anyone. Applications and data are increasingly pushing out to the edge where you need a wider span of resiliency, reach, low latency, and security. Combining the things Akamai does well with the things Linode does well brings these together under one roof at massive scale, creating the world’s most distributed compute platform — from core to edge.

There is natural synergy between Akamai and Linode, not only in our missions and cultures, but in the potent combination of strengths we each bring to the table. The marriage of Linode’s compute and storage products with Akamai’s serverless, CDN, and security solutions, will give customers a broader range of services to build, modernize, and scale the next generation of applications.

For the immediate future, we will continue to operate as we always have. Akamai has no intention of changing what has made us successful. This acquisition will propel us both forward — not take anything away. Linode will soon be able to call on the power of Akamai to offer entirely new products, services, expertise, locations, and scale, while Akamai will be able to tap into Linode’s deep expertise in compute, storage, and on-demand infrastructure-as-a-service.

Today, we start a new chapter in Linode’s story — one that strengthens our position in a market increasingly looking for alternatives. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2022. 

Thank you — our customers, partners, and community — for supporting and empowering us to make cloud computing simple, affordable, and accessible.

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  1. Author Photo

    I wish you the best of luck.

    I have been a Linode user for a long time. I sincerely hope Akamai will not turn Linode around.

  2. Author Photo

    Awesome combination !

    Congratulations to both Akamai and Linode for their new journey together. I’m sure that the winner will be us leveraging value of the merger.

  3. Author Photo

    Like others here, I wish the best for Linode and its staff.

    I have been a customer for nearly 12 years and have appreciated the ability to continue to operate a virtual server the way they did it in the “good old days,” while at the same time taking advantage of certain “cloud services.” Linode has always been helpful and supportive toward my goals.

    My hope is that while the Akamai acquisition gives Linode an opportunity to expand its menu of services, that they continue to support those of us who wish to operate our own small servers in a VM, with the same management interface and pricing structure that we have now. I read the Akamai official press release and a lot of it sounded like gibberish to me.

    What Linode always brought to the table for me is a simple, straightforward service offering and configuration interface, and a fair pricing structure. I hope that Akamai doesn’t lose sight of the value in this.

  4. Author Photo

    Just moved all infra from google to linode to see this. Hope it does not screw things up.

  5. Author Photo

    New lInode user and love it so far. Seriously hope Akamai boosts it rather than flip it.

  6. Author Photo

    Anyone know if Vultr or uses ECC memory on their $5 plan? That was one thing I like about Linode is that everybody got ECC.

  7. Author Photo

    I’m a current Linode customer, and while I’m not your largest customer (I average about $130/ month in spend) I do spend a fair penny.

    Not going to lie, I’m really concerned about this. I haven’t had many (any?) good experiences with Akamai, either from dealing with them directly or in the aftermath of other Companies that they have acquired.

  8. Author Photo

    It sounds like a great bundle. I hope we can get a CDN package from Linode dashboard one day.

  9. Author Photo

    I missed this blogpost when it was published. Today I received a credit card charge from Akamai. I called them up to ask why. They told me that it must be fraudulent, and they’ve gotten many such calls recently. After hanging up I noticed that the dollar value matches my Linode invoice, and found this blogpost.

    The fact that Akamai’s billing support is in the dark about the acquisition, telling customers it must be fraud, is an extremely bad indicator of their culture.

    I’m glad the old-timers working at Linode were able to finally cash out, but this is Linode’s death knell.

  10. Author Photo

    I hope this is a benefit to Linode users and we are not being relegated to a second class user. There is stiff competition; DigitalOcean to name one. My monthly bill has almost doubled since I joined Linode so I am worried that it’s going to double again and make it simply not cost effective to use Linode anymore.

  11. Author Photo

    RIP Linode, in few years we can expect it will become another crap like AWS….

  12. Author Photo

    rip linode i had 10 servers before but after akamai the prices has raised a lot of

  13. Author Photo
    Siber Güvenlik Blog

    OMG, Just moved all infra from google to linode to see this.

  14. Author Photo

    Anyone know if Vultr or uses ECC memory on their $5 plan?

  15. Author Photo
    Olga Barcelo Casovaldes

    Soy Española,no les conozco de nada y estan intentando covrarne 649$,no se de wue pero yo ni tengo tanto dinero y solo compro cositas que veo y me hustan y siempre en euros,asi que paren de intentar robarme.

    • tlambert

      Hola Olga – parece que estás viendo un cargo en tu tarjeta que no reconoces de nosotros. Si ese es el caso, le sugerimos que se comunique con el soporte para que puedan analizar más de cerca dónde se originó el cargo. ¡Lamento que esto te haya pasado! Ver actividad desconocida en tu cuenta es preocupante; sin embargo, nos gustaría ayudarte en todo lo que podamos.

      Esto fue escrito con el traductor de Google.

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