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BlogContainers (Kubernetes, Docker)Linode Kubernetes Engine Cluster Driver Now Available on Rancher 2.5

Linode Kubernetes Engine Cluster Driver Now Available on Rancher 2.5

linode rancher cluster driver

Simplifying Kubernetes deployment and management is the essential function of the Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE). We’ve maintained a relationship with Rancher since the early stages of developing our managed Kubernetes solution, and this release gives you the ability to create LKE clusters directly on Rancher. Simply activate the Linode LKE cluster driver and spin up Kubernetes clusters.

Using LKE and Rancher

Creating and maintaining Linode resources for existing Kubernetes clusters has been available on Rancher since LKE’s introduction. The initial integration allowed developers familiar with Rancher to manually use the Linode Node Driver to add resources, but lacked the benefits of managed Kubernetes. This release enhances this connection by making creating and managing LKE clusters a click-button process inside the Rancher ecosystem.

Rancher now supports LKE, alongside other cloud providers, so you can easily select LKE to manage your cluster deployments without leaving Rancher. With the LKE cluster driver, creating a new cluster takes just a few clicks. Simply activate the LKE cluster driver and select Linode from the list of hosted providers to add a new LKE cluster any time.

Visit our Kubernetes and Rancher documentation for an end-to-end guide on creating and scaling LKE in Rancher. We also have documentation for deploying unmanaged Kubernetes clusters with Rancher and LKE.

Add Linodes to Existing Kubernetes Clusters in Rancher

Individual Linodes can still be added to your cluster within Rancher using the Linode Node Driver, which is activated by default.

Get Started with LKE

New to Kubernetes or want to learn how to use LKE outside of Rancher? Check out our documentation:

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