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BlogLinodeSeptember Events: Python, Virtual Expos, and Courses

September Events: Python, Virtual Expos, and Courses


September is packed with new labs as part of our Linode LIVE! series as well as virtual conferences and community events.

Linode LIVE! Events

Tech with Tim: The Python Database Project
Tech with Tim’s popular YouTube channel has been a great partner and resource for the developer community. This month, Tech with Tim is partnering with us on a Python database project video, available on September 22nd, via Tim’s YouTube channel. Make sure you catch both installments! Project #2 will be a live virtual lab on September 29th from 11AM ET – 12PM ET.   

  • Demo Video: Python Database Project #1 – MongoDB Integration –  Released on Sept 22 at 11AM ET. Learn how to integrate a simple database into a Python app using mongoDB. Viewers will walk through a real example of a database integration using MongoDB. You will learn how to set up a database in the cloud, connect to it with Python code, store and update information, and query and delete entries.

Community and Meeting Events 

Channel Partners Conference: Sept 8-10
Meet and network with the Linode Partnership team at the Channel Partners Conference. Learn how Linode’s cloud computing services support managed hosting providers, development shops, and others to grow their business. We’re here all week so please reach out with any questions you may have, and see how we can work together.

Philly Tech Week: Sept 21-25
Philly Tech Week may look a little different this year, but it still promises to be a week filled with lots of fun and exciting events for everyone involved. Join us and get connected with some of the region’s most fascinating and edge-defining entrepreneurs, technologists, futurists, and change agents! 

DevWeek Global, Cloud: Sept 29-30 
Stop by our virtual booth at Developer Week Global: Cloud to meet our team and enter in to win some fun prizes! Don’t forget to check out our talk as well on Sept 29 at 2:30pm PT. We look forward to connecting with you!

Coming Soon

TechWorld with Nana: Course
We’re excited to have partnered with Nana this summer over our new Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE), and are looking forward to our continued partnership with her on her upcoming Udemy Course coming out at the end of this month: Logging in Kubernetes with EFK stack | Complete Guide. The course outline can be found below and the access link will be shared once the course is made live. In the meantime, be sure to check out her YouTube videos here

Course outline:

  • Configure two applications with JSON logging  
  • Create k8s cluster on LKE
  • Deploy the two Docker applications in the cluster
  • Deploy EFK stack in the cluster (ElasticSearch, FluentD, Kibana)
  • Configure log collection, processing, and storing with FluentD
  • Visualize the log data with Kibana

Join us in October for discussions, labs, and demos featuring LearnK8s, Jérôme Petazzoni, HackerSploit, Stark & Wayne, and more. We’ll be posting new events as they are scheduled on our Events page.


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