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2022 Spring Events

Linode 2022 Spring Events

The next few months have plenty of opportunities to engage with our team; whether it’s at a live event, a hackathon with Major League Hacking, or participating in one of our educational sessions based on new research, products, or partner user cases that connect Linode to your overall infrastructure. 

We hope to see you at one or more of our upcoming events!

Shows and Expos

We’ll be on the road, checking in with MSPs looking for ways to grow their business, SMBs considering alternatives to their current tech stack, and developers learning what’s next from Kubernetes, Python, MongoDB, and Linode.

Channel Partners (April 11-14, Las Vegas, NV)
Don’t miss Blair Lyon, VP of Cloud Experience at Linode, on a panel discussing how MSPs increase revenue streams and profit margins by working with alternative cloud providers. Our Partner and Solutions Engineering teams are also hosting live demos in the booth to show MSPs how open source solutions with alternative cloud providers can lower support costs and increase profits. Learn more about the event.

PyCon US (April 28- May 1, Salt Lake City, UT)
We’re returning to PyCon in person after two years away. We look forward to seeing our Python community and have updates to share our new products, educational series, and docs to help you advance your projects. Be sure to stop by and talk to the team and pick up a fresh Linode t-shirt if you’ll be in Salt Lake.

KubeCon EU (May 16-20, Valencia, Spain)
Our Kubernetes experts will be on hand from Solutions Engineering and Documentation to talk about getting started with containers, Kubernetes, and Linode Kubernetes Engine to manage and scale your workloads quickly and easily. We’ve also invited Nigel Poulton to hang out in the booth, do a lightning talk, pub quiz, and sign copies of his book, Quick Start Kubernetes.

MongoDB World (June 7-9, New York, NY) 
Databases are critical to so many workloads, and we’re excited to attend MongoDB World with our upcoming Managed Databases service (for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB). Justin Mitchel from Coding for Entrepreneurs, who is hard at work on a new series for Managed Database in action as part of a Django project, will join us. Justin recently created a series for Linode around IAC tools, heavily featured in reference architecture that requires portability.

We’re also be participating in:

Webinars and Educational Series

Our Linode LIVE! Series delivers on-demand webinars ranging from project-based tutorials or overviews to solutions or partner-specific opportunities to discover new ways to support your applications or workloads from developers to SMBs. 

Will Your Cloud Provider Become Your Competitor? (April 19, Webinar)
Techstrong Research will share new research on the growing reality that businesses rely on multiple clouds, the emerging threat of their cloud providers competing with them, and the increasing use of alternative cloud providers. Two of our customers will be part of a panel discussion to share their opinions on this new research. 

Building Scalable Applications on the Edge with Macrometa (April 27, Webinar)
Centralized cloud architectures are incapable of processing the massive amount of data generated at the edge or turning that data into real-time insight without compromising costs, performance, and time to value. There is a better approach. This session will show you how to build truly distributed applications at a fraction of the cost and development time using Macrometa’s serverless, converged data platform and Linode.

HackerSploit: Blue Team (May 2, Linode LIVE! Video Series)
Infosec and cybersecurity professionals should review our recent HackerSploit series on best practices for red team operations (now available on demand). The follow-up for blue team operations will help you determine weaknesses and implement security mechanisms and safeguards to protect your data and digital infrastructure.

Community Events

We’re working on getting back into the swing of meetups, roadshows, and hackathons as we continue to return to in-person experiences. We’d love to hear your thoughts on where you’d like to see Linode in your community. In the meantime, we’re continuing to work with Major League Hacking as a sponsor of Global Hack Weeks, INIT, June 27-July 5, 2022. You might also see some special events coming from us as we celebrate upcoming product releases around our managed database service, currently in beta.

Visit our Events page if you want to stay up to date on events, webinars, and educational programs. Sign-up for email notifications, or follow

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    Hi, I am a current user based in Singapore . Are there any events planned for south east asia?

    • pwoods

      Hey Lee – thanks for your interest in our events! We list all of our events on our Events page – both virtual and in-person events. While I don’t see any currently listed for the South East Asian area, they would get listed there should one be planned.

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