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Core Compute Region Expansions in Milan and Osaka


Yesterday, we announced seven new core compute regions, further enabling our customers to build more distributed and decentralized applications with high performance and lower latency. 

We’re announcing today new core compute regions in Milan, Italy and Osaka, Japan, to increase capacity and availability in Europe and Asia. These two regions were chosen based on the immediate needs of existing Akamai customers. We also considered rapidly growing markets and the cloud requirements for businesses to deploy and support workloads closer to home or near significant user hubs.

New essential regions provide opportunities for our customers to grow their businesses while in compliance with local regulations. Francesco Masala, the CEO of Hyperbit SRLs, an Italian IT solutions provider for small and medium-sized companies, and a member of our Green Light beta program was eager to see a region in Italy.

“We chose Akamai because of its transparency, performance, and data center deployment. In fact, choosing the most suitable IaaS provider is the most important choice we have made within the company,” said Masala. “For us, price–performance ratio is essential, and Akamai succeeds in fully meeting our goals. But what sets Akamai apart is its network. It has been in the game longer than anyone else and has built into its cloud the flexibility and routing we need to deliver our data faster and more efficiently. Because of its scalability and worldwide distribution, we can reach and deliver a better experience to all our customers by providing stable, fast, and reliable service.”

Getting Started

Akamai’s cloud computing services are ideal for higher-performance workloads, including in streaming media, gaming, and ecommerce applications.

Customers can deploy new compute, storage, and networking resources in Milan (it-mil) or Osaka (jp-osa) using Cloud Manager and the API. If you are new to Akamai cloud computing services, you can create an account or contact our cloud experts about your needs in these core compute regions.


Be the First to Know About New Regions or Services

Follow the product and region expansion roadmap! The Green Light program and user community enables you to beta test new services on the Akamai platform. Your feedback is incredibly valuable throughout the development process, and surfaces impact or issues for specific use cases to the product, development, and solutions engineering teams.

For early access to the cloud computing roadmap, join Green Light, or sign up for notifications to be the first to know about an individual product, service, or region when it’s live in production.
More information about Akamai Connected Cloud, including Akamai’s cloud computing services, Security solutions, and Content Delivery solutions, is available on the Akamai website.


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