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BlogContainers (Kubernetes, Docker)Introducing High-Availability Control Plane on LKE

Introducing High-Availability Control Plane on LKE


In 2019, we released the Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE), a fully-managed container orchestration platform for deploying and managing modern applications in the cloud. Over the past few months, we’ve added valuable features to LKE. The first was the addition of autoscaling for your Kubernetes clusters. Today, we’re releasing our High-Availability Control Plane for LKE. 

High-Availability (HA) Control Plane provides increased reliability for production applications and workloads by creating additional replicas of your control plane, and providing a guaranteed 99.99% uptime for your control plane and worker nodes.

Standard Versus HA Control Plane

The Kubernetes control plane is a critical set of components that analyze and execute decisions for the cluster, including creating new nodes and destroying unnecessary resources. Linode provides the Kubernetes control plane at no additional cost as part of our managed service.

For some production workloads, a more redundant control plane is needed to ensure faster cluster response. Now, you can choose between a standard or high-availability deployment on LKE. The HA control plane gives you increased reliability for your clusters by:

  • Helping eliminate a single points of failure from clusters
  • Ensuring guarantee 99.99% control plane uptime to maximize cluster scalability
  • Making it easy to add HA to new or existing clusters without changing the configuration
  • Customizing cluster worker nodes with dedicated, shared, or high memory instances
  • Depending on consistent, flat rate, monthly pricing per cluster

The HA Control Plane for LKE is available in all of our 11 data centers globally and is billed at $60 per cluster, per month.

How It Works

Creating a new HA cluster or upgrading existing clusters is very simple, and doesn’t require any additional code or changes. For existing clusters:

  1. Visit the cluster details page and select “Upgrade to HA”
  2. Check the confirmation checkbox and select “Enable HA Control Plane”
  3. You’ll see an HA Cluster flag at the top of your cluster details page

While creating new clusters, select the Enable HA Control Plane option during the creation flow.

Kubernetes Guides and Resources

Follow the guides for Enabling High Availability for LKE Clusters and Enabling Cluster Autoscaling. or browse our full Kubernetes documentation and content library

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    linod Standard Versus HA Control Plane

  2. Author Photo

    It would be really nice if this could be included with reasonably sized clusters.

    As linode controls the management of the backplane reliability and availability of those services depend on their performance. Reliability and features to provide reliability (such as this) should be included in the base SLA level.

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