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Alternative Payment Methods Welcome at Signup


We’ve added PayPal and GooglePay to the Akamai Linode Cloud signup process, the latest in a series of efforts to make it easier for developers to pay for and manage their cloud resources.

The addition of alternative payment methods is based on customer feedback and growing interest from developers, something Techstrong Research also saw in its latest global survey of DevOps professionals. For developers in certain regions around the world, the unavailability of credit cards limits which cloud providers they can work with. Others want to use their existing digital wallets to streamline the number of credentials they use to manage their infrastructure across multiple providers or tools.

Adding alternative payment methods to Akamai Linode Cloud removes friction from the sign up process and continues our ongoing work to make the cloud simple, affordable, and accessible to all.

Sign Up for a New Account Using PayPal or Google Pay

You can sign up from the Linode homepage using an email address, or by authenticating through your existing Google or GitHub account. You’ll be guided through the account creation process, including billing selections, and security options.

Once you’ve completed the process, here are a few resources to get you started on the platform:

As a reminder for existing customers, you can add alternative payment methods at any time in the Billing Info under Account settings.

We appreciate your feedback as we make it even easier for developers to deploy resources in the cloud. As always, if you run into any questions or issues, the Linode Support team can be engaged via chat, ticket, and phone.

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    Pls see it good

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    nice, paypal with the credit card is 3% back

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