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Linode Birthday Giveaway!

250,000 Linode Giveaway

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended! We sold out in about 12 hours. Thanks everyone!

250,000 Linode GiveawayTo celebrate our 9th birthday we are giving away $250,000 in Linode services! The Giveaway starts this Tuesday, June 19th at 12:00PM EDT (4:00PM GMT) and both new and existing customers are eligible.

For new customers: Be one of the first people to sign up after 12:00PM EDT this Tuesday. If you make the cut, a $100 credit will immediately be placed onto your account to use as you see fit.

For existing customers: Add any new Linode or NodeBalancer after 12:00PM EDT this Tuesday. If you make the cut, you’ll get August, September, and October for that service free of charge. This applies to any size Linode.

* Your account will initially be charged to the end of July.
* Credit is non-transferable and non-refundable.
* Limit one giveaway bonus per customer.

We’ll keep this going until all of the $250,000 has been spoken for! Don’t miss out on your chance to get free service, or to refer your friend using your referral code. So good luck, happy birthday to us and to you, here’s to the past 9 years, and looking forward to the next.

If you are on Twitter here is our tweet, you can help spread the word.

Comments (64)

  1. Awesome! Time to stack up some referrals!

    For new customers, is the $100 credit immediate, or do they need to pay their first-month up front?

  2. New Customer: Sign up, pay first invoice (through July), land in an account with $100 credit.

    Existing Customer: Add service, pay first invoice (through July), don’t pay again for that service until November 1st.

  3. Does the existing customers one apply to upgrading a Linode to the next service level?

  4. What is not to love about Linode?!

  5. Fantastic! I hope this is once again successful for Linode. In 2010, a similar giveaway was offered, during which time I took advantage of the credit to simply try out Linode and compare it with my existing hosting provider. I have been a loyal Linode customer ever since, so clearly, their small initial gift has paid off at least once for them in the long run. Keep up the good work!

  6. If I were to pay for a year’s worth of a couple services, would I get those three months off?

    Could I resize a current linode I’ve paid a year for and get a discount?


  7. That’s the way to do a promotion!
    I love the viral potential and the direct benefit to to users. Great to have all the information on one simple page too.

  8. @techiem2 – it does not apply to resizing/upgrading. Only adding a new service.

    @Spaceghost – Annuals with the Giveaway work like this: you would pay for the entire year like normal (with the annual discounts), however in August, September, and November you’d receive one month of credit applied to your account.

  9. Happy B Day guys.

    Keep up the good job !


  10. @caker – Oh solid. I’m working on a project over here, and want to pull in a few more VMs soon. You guys are really awesome.

  11. Great idea to bring in new users, I’m glad you are doing this.

    – Will new sign-ups be required to pay for an entire month of service to receive the credit or just the partial month (till July 1st)?

    – Will we be notified immediately on sign-up if we made the cut for the giveaway? On the unlikely event the user didn’t make it in time for the giveaway would they get a full refund if they canceled the account immediately?

  12. Does the giveaway for existing customers include adding a backup service?

  13. A million thanks for not tying this to retweeting or liking or some other gimmicky social media contest that turns your customers into monkeys. That you aren’t requesting distribution as a condition of the contest makes me infinitely more likely to actually share it, and leaves me with a far better impression of the company. Nice work.

  14. 一年一度大优惠……非常不错

  15. @John – See my first comment reply – new customers pay through July, then get a credit.

    The black ‘giveaway’ box on the signup page carries through the entire signup process – and will refresh to show how many Giveaway Bucks are remaining – so you’ll be able to tell BEFORE you complete the signup how close to the wire you are. If you don’t make the cut and don’t want the service and cancel we’ll refund your money. We’re not out to screw anyone.

    @Kyhwana – no, not this time, just adding Linodes and NodeBalancers.

  16. Happy Birthday, Linode! Let’s see what the next years will be like!

  17. Happy Birthday, Linode!

  18. This is really awesome, I am going to opt-in and send few new clients.

    Happy Birthday Linode!

  19. Will I enjoy the giveaway if I migrate the existing instance to a new instance? (e.g. launch a new one, but remove an old one later)

  20. Happy Birthday, Linode!

    I’m an existing member. If I add new Linode after 12:00PM EDT this Tuesday, how would I know if I am among of those lucky customers who win 3 months free service? Will I receive an email?

  21. great deal! if, as an existing customer, i get multiple (2 or 3) new linode vps’s, does this offer apply on all of them?
    thanks! and thanks for the great service the last few years.

  22. @Jack – we won’t prevent anyone from doing that, if you really want to game it that way.

    @arpeggio – It will show you on the banner at the top of the entire Linode Manager. It will also show a box at the top of that Linode’s dashboard for a week or two.

    @andrew – “* Limit one giveaway bonus per customer.” …

  23. Awesome! I can’t wait, I’ll definitely be signing up come tuesday.

  24. Just to be 100% clear, this is 12PM as in noon. NOT midnight. Correct?

  25. This is really awesome.

    Happy Birthday Linode!!!

  26. I am a new customer. I plan to pay Linode 512 for one year. So I get the $100 award, can I use this $100 next year when I re-new my plan? Is there any expiration of this $100 credit?

  27. Count me in! I am currently using Linode 1536 and have been a happy customer for more than an year but with this promo I see great chance of getting additional server!

    Keep up the good work and I wish you have a superb BD party!

  28. Can I use the API to add this linode? to get 3 months?

  29. That’s 2am my time 🙁 How long do you expect it to take until it’s all gone?

  30. Martin: Easy way to keep them strain: 12:01 PM is just after noon. 12:01 AM is just after midnight. 😉

  31. thanks! as an existing customer, I only see the promotion referenced from the “sign up” screen, not from the “add linode” screen in the linode-manager, does it matter which I use?

  32. Awesome offer! I wish I knew somebody that could use a new host.
    Happy birthday Guys! I have never had better hosting service, I will likely be a customer for as long as Linode is around, which is hopefully another 9 years 🙂

  33. At what point during the checkout process will I know if I have gotten the promo?

    I need a 1024 in about a month, but if I can buy it now and save $120 in the long run I want to do that. Otherwise I can’t afford it until there is actually a business behind it 😉

    I guess I could go through the whole process and immediately cancel if I’m too late, but it would be nice if there was a countdown with the amount of money left. before hitting the sign-up button..

  34. @Aaron – there is a black box throughout the entire sign up process that displays the running total. There is also a banner across the entire Linode Manager with the same information. You’ll know before, during, and after. Good luck!

  35. @Richard Cornwell – The API is not wired into the Giveaway, sorry. Only new signups and services added via the Linode Manager for the giveaway.

  36. I’m planning on getting a Linode 2048 for one year which comes to $891.85
    (with the 10% discount).

    Will i get a $100 credit for the one year prepaid scheme too ? If so, will
    my card be billed $791.85 instead of $891.85 ?


  37. @Yashesh Bhatia – For new signups, you’ll pay the full first invoice, then get a $100 credit.

  38. Not able to go for it, linode manager keeps asking for password and registration not happening 🙁

  39. I keep getting the login screen as well. I had almost placed an order when I got all this trouble.

    I also get occasional 502 and 504 HTTP responses.

    I’m afraid I will be too late once this is over.

  40. Was able to make the payment (and it was charged) but it went directly back to my Linodes tab and I didn’t get to create it. Trying to load support page but getting 504s. Hopefully the payment at least was in time to be apart of the giveaway, il contact support about it when the rush has died down.

    Happy Birthday Linode!

  41. @Larry I agree … Linode seems to have been hit pretty hard.

  42. Yes! I got through! Let’s hope the discount does kick in in August.

    Thanks, Linode!

  43. Hmm, well it finally processed; but on the screen after charging my card I got an “Oops” page. My card was successfully charged, and when I try to log in it says pending activation; but I have not received an email confirmation.

    I’ll try logging in here in a few.

    Should I contact Customer Support if I can’t log in shortly? My account email is the same email I’m using on this comment (Blog admin should be able to see it).

  44. Successfully added a new linode on 4th try! Thanks Linode and happy 9th birthday 🙂

  45. An annoying query caused some DB locking issues early on, but has since been fixed. We’re working on auditing everything so hang tight if a credit isn’t on your account just yet!

  46. Happy birthday

  47. ah dangit.

    I don’t need a new Linode. Just wanna upgrade one 🙁

  48. I get a linode 512 and paid 19.95$ for first invoice.
    If i stop the service, receiving an accredit on my Linode’s account, in August i will receive also the 100$ accredit?
    Or I have to let “open” my linode from now to October?

  49. Got it! Thanks! You guys are great — I’ve had a Linode account for 7 1/2 years, and haven’t even felt a need to price competitors in all that time. Rock on!

  50. Happy birthday Linode, great services and thx for the gift.

  51. How long until new accounts are activated? Mine has been pending activation for an hour and I’m still uncertain if my credit card has been charged twice – the first processing attempt returned me to the sign up page and the second one to a “whoops!” page

  52. Got one too. Thanks, Linode! Happy Birthday!

  53. I booked a Linode (1024 MB) and got the promotional credit. Shall I keep the node running till July end in order to avail the credit? Or can I remove the node and boot it sometime during next week?

    Oh, and happy birthday 🙂

  54. Happy birthday Linode! You guys deserve a beer !

  55. Happy Birthday! Linode!

  56. I love that Linode’s servers are so freakin fast! Never oversold. Keep it up 🙂

  57. Happy Annerversary! Wanted to try a new OS, and also deal with the limitations of my current linode, this gave me the good chance to try it out – Thanks for the service!

  58. Ouuupsss…. too late !

    I just added an alert in my calendar for next year 🙂

    Live long and prosper Linode !!!

  59. Hope to see some numbers from the sale. It clearly brought in a lot of money in just 12 hours!

  60. Had some trouble signing up, but you guys made it right. Awesome job.

    I also want to say that you have fantastic documentation.

    Happy birthday, too!

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