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November 2023

New resources explore development using microservices, containers, and other architecture decisions

We published a new ebook for developers, “Cloud Portability: Building a Cloud-Native Architecture,” and a companion resource, “The Power of Portability: 5 Business Benefits of Going Cloud Native Now.” We’re also hosting a webinar on how to use open source solutions to orchestrate your object storage migration. Sign up here.
Featured Guides
Automatically configure your new Compute instances through cloud-init with our Metadata service. Cloud-init is an industry-standard method for automating cloud instance initialization, including managing software and system configurations, using a combination of instance metadata and configuration scripts (user data). This guide shows you how to build a cloud-init cloud-config file and how to deploy a Compute instance with that configuration.
Pulumi is a Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool that allows you to automate your cloud deployments using any of the common programming languages you already know, including TypeScript, Go, and Python. This guide demonstrates how to use Pulumi to deploy a LKE cluster using TypeScript.
We’re expanding beta participation beyond our Green Light community by adding registration inside Cloud Manager and via the API. Get early access to the products and services you’re interested in. Learn more or join Green Light to be the first to hear about beta opportunities and other platform updates.
In this workshop, we will demonstrate how you can use open source technologies and our cloud computing services to orchestrate your object storage migration in a fully automated and scalable way. We will use tools like Terraform, Jenkins, Rclone, and the Linode Kubernetes Engine to deploy a web-managed data migration platform, including monitoring and alerting.
Discover cloud-native alternatives to their platform-centric counterparts. You also will find examples of how you can implement these tools on cloud platforms built for the future of cloud-native development and not the past.
The end of the year is almost here. This month we’ve had a flurry of new updates, from core compute regions to new releases for Akamai Terraform Provider, Edgegrid, and Property Manager.
Open Source
How to put together an unstoppable Kubernetes cluster using node redundancy, a fronting load balancer, an ingress controller, and an internal load balancer.
Picking the right distros can be challenging because each one focuses on different aspects of security and privacy, depending on user demands and preferences. This article explores 10 Linux distros based on personal usage, security, and privacy. 
New on YouTube
Check out some of our latest YouTube uploads and make sure you subscribe to our channel for more tutorials and other content from Linode advocates and guest experts.

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