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BlogStorageThe Core Values of Cloud Providers Revealed in Behavior, Investments

The Core Values of Cloud Providers Revealed in Behavior, Investments

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As individuals, our values are constantly reflected in the way we choose to behave–specifically, where we invest our time, energy, and money. The same is true for corporations and cloud providers.

Mike Jung, CEO of Cloud Spectator, says he sees this play out in the research he conducts on cloud performance:  

“That, I think, is why we’re constantly seeing Linode do extremely well in a lot of these studies. Because they’re just always trying to basically be the best, especially when it comes to high performance at kind of a low cost. They’re really able to specialize and focus on performance and value. And that’s why we tend to see them do extremely well time and time again.”

Cloud Spectator recently conducted a study comparing the fastest storage tiers offered by AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr. Linode’s NVMe storage outperformed them all.

“Linode’s new NVMe-based block storage is extremely fast,” Jung said. “It offered the highest read performance, random read performance, as well as random write performance across the board.” Check out Mike’s conversation with TFiR host Swapnil Bhartiya to learn more about NVMe storage and how Linode’s investment in this powerful technology can benefit you.


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