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December 2023

New research on distributed cloud computing

We just published two research studies exploring the ongoing shift to distributed cloud computing. SlashData based its findings on a survey of developers from more than 50 countries. Access the research here. ClearPath Strategies surveyed 425 global IT leaders to explore their perceptions of distributed cloud computing. Get the white paper here.
Featured Guides
Ansible is an open source automation tool and platform used for configuration management, application deployment, task automation, and orchestration of complex workflows. Ansible best practices improve run-time efficiency and organizational efficiency, promote teamwork, enable reliability, speed onboarding, ease maintenance, and even protect from legal liability. Explore this primer to get started.
A common misperception is that firewalls are just access-control devices, yet they also mitigate security threats in many other ways. In the broadest sense, a firewall is a device that enforces a security policy. This guide explores how to develop a security policy, how to segment a network, and how to properly restrict and grant access to your infrastructure using firewalls.
Seamlessly secure incoming traffic to your NodeBalancers using our free Cloud Firewall service.
Our new unified migrations significantly improve cold migration reliability and introduce warm migrations for quickly resizing VMs.
Easily deploy compute instances for transcoding live and media streaming, or easily start streaming with MainConcept Live Encoder.
Open Source
Armon Dadgar, Co-Founder and CTO of HashiCorp shares his thoughts about the infrastructure trends seen among customers and in the industry at large.
See how different aspects of sudo can be tweaked. Some are useful and some are pretty useless but fun. 
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